Priests, pastors, scholars, theologians, and leaders are no longer the sole rivers for the flow of God's knowledge or grace.
So another gift has been given - the God who is there, in yet another way, the divine Spirit through whom Christ is still in effect right here and now.
The world already has enough cowards.
"The Holy Spirit not only unites us, but also ensures our infinite diversity in the Church: at Pentecost the tongues of fire were 'cloven' or divided, descending separately upon each one of those present.Sure, they would understand if they spent a few minutes thinking about it, but theyre in a hurry, and there are a gazillion other blog posts to read that dont require so much thought.The stick will re-light.You cant tell whats working and whats not.And really, 2,000 words should be your goal.
This ability to do and understand science has rewarded me well.
RSS is on life support, and itll die any day now.
There is prophecy, and there is the ability to discover the truth and the skill to figure out how and when to share.
After a few seconds, the foam starts to come out in a continuous stream that resembles toothpaste, hence the name often given to this experiment, elephant toothpaste. .
Sure, changing it later is a headache, but never having a blog because youre such a damn perfectionist is an even bigger headache.Amen." from * Litany for Christian Unity Pope John Paul.The gift of the Spirit is given to the Church, but it is at the same time a personal gift, appropriated by each in her or his own way." Kallistos (Timothy) Ware, in * The what is sportsmans warehouse employee discount Orthodox Church * (Penguin, 1993.242.So you knew that I harvest where I have not sown and gather where I have not scattered seed?Teach us to overcome divisions.You have to be totally and utterly shameless.Well, Ill be damned.Spiritual gifts are not about power or salvation.