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This competition has now closed, respondents who answer the three questions correctly will be entered into a draw from which one discount motorcycle tires for sale winner and six runners-up will be selected.The ones where boys look like girls.First company to push over priced DLC and microtransactions which plague the industry today.Some fanboys are out of touch with reality.Europe and Japan irrationally love Sony and that won't change.Xbox 360 Elite Competition is open to all readers.
It features a 500MHz AMD ATI R500 Xenon GPU, an High-Definition Multimedia Interface (hdmi) port, a 120GB hard drive and, of course, the appearance has changed somewhat.
Sony and its shaky, insecure following can suck.
Forza Motorsport 2 as seriously respectable runner-up prizes.
The cool charcoal-coloured Xbox 360 Elite also features a wireless controller, wired headset, component-video and composite-video AV cables, an hdmi Cable, optical audio links and an Ethernet networking cable.The halos the gears of wars the kotor, the left 4 deads, the dead risings, the joyous forzas.Answer these questions and you might be able to win a Free XBox [email protected] said: McDonald's sells billions of burgers but it isn't as good as a Five Guys.If you're talking about influencing and changing the face of the video game industry then they already did that.Multiple entries will be disqualified.Five Guys has a way better burger.The only console sale that matters is your own.Kotor, letf for dead and gears were no MS series they were owned by other companies and they bough Gears for this gen after it was tire and beaten.Buckle up for authentic simulation physics, bone-jarring damage, and photo-realistic graphics, as well as licensed tuning and customization options.The japanese buy sony and nintendo simply because of national pride and those stupid wimpy jrpg titles released for them.