There is also the usual 50-meter water resistance for swimming, 24/7 heart-rate tracking sensor, Bluetooth.0, and previously mentioned connected GPS.
You can do it Daisy!It's terrible at fitness, doesn't do any sleep analysis (because the battery is awful has few watch faces, and weighs 91 grams.Speaking of, changing bands on the Versa is merely.Sure, there is Yelp, Philips Hue, and a nifty AccuWeather app, and about thirty others but don't buy this watch for that.They say the warranty does not cover this.My four favorite fitness gadgets for the 2018 summer I highly recommend the Fitbit Versa for gym rats like myself, casual fitness fans, or those looking to get back into exercising.
Weighing just 31 grams (literally one-third the weight of a beefy Apple Watch the Versa is so light your first thought is that it feels cheap.
Even for Microsoft Band owners looking for something new the Versa is a good choice.
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It's like a full base station versus the crummy magnetic cable of the Ionic.
Because of the connected GPS, the Versa is significantly friendship day gift for best friend diy smaller and lighter than the Ionic.If you're a hardcore runner go for the Fitbit Ionic with its dedicated GPS, or take a look at Garmin, which is popular with that community.You will likely spend a good thirty minutes trying all the various faces, which is a fun problem to have.It's also more comfortable to wear.Works everywhere: Windows 10, Xbox, (and Mobile one of the reasons I am such a huge fan of Fitbit is the company has always embraced Windows.Well guys, I'm at the low 150s.If you want that, get yourself a Wear OS or something from Apple, just don't expect how many powerball numbers do you need to win anything the same level of health and fitness data.I see no reason to use the default classic band.Also, like the Ionic, the Versa can store up to 300 of your favorite songs locally, or you can sync with Pandora or Deezer (both need to be paid accounts).