win 8 startup folder

Windows 7 startup folder from Start Menu Startup.
MenuProgramsStartup but replace the username by your own user name.
But where is the Startup folder in Windows 10/8?
I have now put Firefox back into my Windows 8 startup folder and pnc spotlight rewards rebooted.Windows Registry Startup Paths may also interest you.Chosen Solution, thanks again for all the responses.Windows 8 has completely changed its interface with the arrival of Windows.You may use msconfig in Windows 7 or Task Manager in Windows 8 to manage startup programs.I would have to assume that the problem was (somehow) caused by the crashing of my Windows 8 and that (somehow) removing Firefox from the Win 8 startup folder, rebooting, then putting Firefox back into the startup folder, and then rebooting, has put things back.
So its necessary to open the StartUp folder.
In the following tutorial we will help you find the Windows 8 Startup folder, so that you can jacksons fencing voucher easily add and edit the Windows 8 startup items.
The, current Users, startup folder in Windows 10/8 is located at: MenuProgramsStartup, these programs start up for the current logged in user only.
You can add shortcuts of the programs you want to start with you Windows in this folder.
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You can also delay Startup Programs or control the order in which they load, when Windows boots.Or to open the folder quickly, you can press WinKey, type shell:common startup and hit Enter.Somewhat strange, but hopefully the above may be of use to someone else with a similar problem in the future.Or to quickly open the folder, press WinKey, type shell:startup and hit Enter.All Users, windows 10/8 startup folder is located at: MenuProgramsStartUp, these programs start up for all users.The latest version.1 is same as windows 8 with some modifications.Now again disable viewing Hidden Items.This Start screen organizes all Apps, pc settings everything.See the image to get a reference.Click here to learn how to view hidden folders.Recommended: Click here to repair Windows problems optimize system performance.As you open the StartUp folder it can be empty, to add any folder go to the original location of the folder and copy and paste it here.

Just right click on the icon and select File Explorer.