who win pacquiao vs horn

Poll, who deserved to win Manny Pacquiao escape the cape promo code vs Jeff Horn in your opinion?
Round 9, horn races out of his corner and traps Pacquiao on the ropes and digs punches to the head bambi gift set and body.
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Mike Fridley scores the round: 10-8 Pacquiao.Horn is all over the champ, but he's not landing anything.Horn stumbles into a right to the head and then he ties him.Who do you think will win?Horn is unable to capitalize and Pacquiao escape any further damage.78, manny Pacquiao (2829 votes) 15, jeff Horn (559 votes) 6, draw (235 votes) 3623 votes total, vote Now.The event will start broadcast Live at.m.When they return to the center of the ring, Pacquiao clips his foe with a short left to the melon.Why the * does anyone want to watch this stuff?
Their heads come together again and Pacquiao is pouring blood from a laceration on his left hairline now.
A powerful jab to the head from Pacquiao snaps Horns head back.
Round 4, horn comes right after the champ again and lands a nice right-left to the body and head against the ropes.
Hes bleeding badly but its not in a spot that will stop the fight.
If this was a fight on the cobbles out back of a bar because of some argument, then OK maybe it would have some validity.They trade leather along the ropes and the Aussie pops Pacquiao with a hard right to the dome.They go toe-to-toe and Pacquiao is all over him.Round 2, horn continues to try and swarm the champ as soon as the second begins.Gary Randall scores the round: Horn.Pacquiao goes low with a left and the lands a right to the noggin.Mike Fridley scores the round: Pacquiao.Horn is shaken a bit and ties up, but Pacquiao breaks free and tags him again.ET on espn channel.Mike Sloan scores the round: Pacquiao.Round 10, referee Nelson tells Horns corner that unless he shows him something in the next round, he's going to stop.Mike Sloan scores the round: 10-9 Horn Gary Randall scores the round: 10-9 Horn Mike Fridley scores the round: 10-9 Horn Round 12 Though Horn won the 11th (and possibly the 10th he still needs a knockout here in the final round if hes.What kind of sport is that?Ringside commentator Timothy Bradley just said that we are in Argentina as the fighters go toe-to-toe until the final bell, with Horn getting the better of the exchanges.

The Aussie quickly recovers and lands a left of his own, but Pacquiao brushes it off.
Whatever our debates and arguments, Jeff Horn won in Brisbane.
Pacquiao is able to keep a good distance when he punches and is starting to land plenty of shots to the body and head.