Of these, more than 51,000 players have won top prizes totaling more than.4 billion.
To the right is a list of addresses and phone numbers.If you win a large prize, its a good idea to talk to a tax professional soon after your win to discuss how it will affect your tax situation.By signing it, you protect yourself.Players who may have purchased a fantasy 5 ticket at this retail location are encouraged to check their tickets from the January 11, 2018 drawing.Verification letter from the bank on bank letterhead displaying claimant's name and social security number (Letter cannot be older than 30 days.).A ticket is a bearer instrument.Call the Claims Department at for details.We take great care making sure that results published on this site are totally accurate and up-to-date.If you have won a prize of over 2,000 please call the Health Lottery Helpline on, where our Winner Advisers are on hand to support you.
If youve matched 5 winning numbers youll receive a guaranteed minimum of 25,000 or 10 of sales for that draw (whichever is greater) up to a maximum of 100,000.
In the event of a discrepancy between information on the website regarding winning numbers, jackpots or prize payouts and the CLCs enabling statutes, official rules, regulations and procedures the enabling statutes, official rules, regulations and procedures shall prevail.
For purposes of this subsection, amount won means the nominal prize amount, the cash payment if different from the nominal prize amount, and the cash payment after taxes are withheld.
This is the paper ticket handed to you by the retailer, or the email sent to you when you play online.
Dont forget that if you win a Virginia Lottery prize, its not a secret.
You can also claim your prize through the mail.
To properly friendly bracelets discount code report the tax withholdings noted above, CT Lottery might obtain a winners social security number.The Health Lottery will not pay out prizes if you cannot produce a valid ticket.(wkrg) - A Florida Lottery winner has days left to claim their over 68,000 prize.Any request for a social security number is authorized by the Internal Revenue Code and Informational Publication 2011 (28) of the Connecticut Department of Revenue Services and will be used solely for reporting tax withholdings as required by law.If youve matched either 1 main ball and the bonus ball, or any 2 main balls then youve won a free ticket which includes entry into a monthly Mega Raffle with a chance to win a further 250,000!All our retailers are authorised to pay out the 50 prizes.

To locate a tickets expiration date, click here.
If you've matched any 3 main winning numbers and the bonus ball grab your winning ticket (you can't collect your prize without it) and head to any Health Lottery retailer.