what is the new movie gifted about

The X-Men youre used to seeing are gone.
The costar/on-screen genius/cute kid in question is Mckenna Grace.
They are shrouded in mystery.
HollywoodLifers, are you going to watch The Gifted?Don't let that stardew valley discount disguise and the heavy drinking fool you though.Should she be allowed to be a child with friends her samsung galaxy win price in uk age or should she be constantly surrounded by tutors in an educational environment in order to cultivate her immense talent?The movie is about a mathematical genius who is being cared for by Captain America (in disguise as a boat mechanic).The heart of the series is the Strucker family.Polaris, Thunderbird, and Blink are all cast members.Its somehow related to the disappearance of the X-Men and the Brotherhood.The dialogue gives "surprises" away, and Slate and Spencer are wasted in underwritten roles.Stephen Moyer Kate amy Acker Lauren natalie Alyn Lind and Andy Strucker (.
It's a pity the messy script doesn't live up Grace's her gifts.
And if you like movies about cute kids who have a brain, then you've hit the trifecta.
Since the most recent, x-Men movies havent adhered to a strict timeline, this allowed.
Overall, this movie is pleasing to watch- mostly for the cute kid factor.The end comes rapidly, not giving itself the time to fulfill the journey the director has taken you on through the first few acts of the film.Some popular mutants from the Marvel Comics will show.Her Mary is far from a caricature, a young girl who's still pining for the love and presence of her parents and the simple pleasures of hanging out with her cat but is easily bored with any math that doesn't require.Stephen Moyer already has.To watch her and Evans (and, in some scenes, Spencer) is to witness a future award-winning actress in the making.The Gifted is sort of in its own universe.If you're a sucker for a movie about cute kids like I am, then this movie is sure to please you in a number of ways.