The base notes are not heavy at allthank goodness!
It just makes me happy when I smell.
While she was browsing through the body mists, I randomly grabbed Bombshell eau de parfum and sprayed some on, and wow!
But its a refreshing and delicious one that I imagine a flirty girl would wear!Our apologies, we are unable to login with your Google account at this time.The fruity top notes never fade into the floral middle notes, which Im actually happy about since the fruits are really energizing and mouthwatering.I was instantly in love with the scent of delicious fruits.I'll just say that I wouldn't be surprised if a young guy wore this from time to time.Bombshell is just a fruity, sweet scent.This fragrance is actually quite linear.Im not the biggest fan.Several hours after wear, I smell it close to my skin with the passion fruit as the last fruit standing.
I dont care for nerd skincare coupon code the ribbon around the bottle and I think the bottle looks rather boring, but thats a minor aesthetic complaint.
And I love it!
Our apologies, we are unable to login with your Facebook kentucky derby themed gift baskets account at this time.This has great lasting power, too.It smells like a very, very thin layer of musk over a creamy wood.Bombshell is much fruitier than floral since I really dont smell jasmine, peony, or orchid.The flowers just get blended and lost with the fruits.I just love how this is a delicious fruit scent that is perfect for warm weather, but can also be worn in the cooler seasons when I want a youthful pick-me-up.

There is something quite masculine about Bombshell, but I can't put my finger on exactly what.
They smell so juicy and fresh and delicious!