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Trust progress also gives a chance to give bonus items at the end of each dungeon, during the loot description screen.
Great Swords, edit, name, stats, effects, character.
Dark Fina, badrosa, staff, aTK12, birthday gift online malaysia MAG110, SPR150, effect: EVO MAG.EVO MAG 30, eVO MAG 30, increase EVO MAG (30).When a bonus item is awarded this way, the message "Trust Bonus" and the face of the character who triggered the bonus will appear.Poison (30 Paralyze (30 ling, name, stats, effects, character, fryevia's Needle.This article is about an ongoing project that's continually being updated.Effect: Winds of Chaos, winds of Chaos, barbariccia.Barret : There's no gettin' off this train we on 'till we reach the end of the line.Every summoned unit (i.e.
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Super Trust Master Reward (stmr) is a higher tier of Trust Master Rewards (TMR) obtainable when a 5-star unit has reached its 7-star rarity.
These can be either 5-star or 6-star units (50 or a duplicate 7-star unit (100).
5-star, trust Moogle adds 10 trust mastery to any unit when fused.
Lilith 5-star, lotti's Robe, robe, dEF25, MAG30, SPR25, HP 10, MAG 20, lotti 3-star.
Please look over our policy for updating articles covering upcoming games before editing this page.Amiculum Nigra, robe, dEF30, MAG72, SPR72, MP 30, resistance: Sleep (Null Paralyze (Null effect: Auto-Refresh.3-star, trust Moogle adds 5 trust mastery to a specific unit when fused.Not those buy google play gift card india from story) come with an additional reward called the Trust Master Reward (TMR or TM).TMR is obtained in the form of an equipment or materia, separate from the unit, and can be used by anyone.These are awarded when a unit reaches 100 in their Trust Master.To increase a unit TMR progress: Clearing a dungeon has a 10 chance to increase trust mastery.1.Once the stmr gauge is visible, it can be increased by fusing duplicate units into.Trust master reward obtained from enhancing.Light shields Edit Name Stats Effects Character Heavy shields Edit Name Stats Effects Character Aegis Shield DEF53, SPR25 Nulls Petrify Leo Name Stats Effects Character Cat Hat MP25, DEF15, MAG20, SPR20 Nulls Silence Black Cat Lid Black Cowl ATK28, DEF25, SPR25 Nulls Sleep Hayate Name.Cid Pollendina : Oh, shut up and help me remodel the List my vanilla gift of Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Trust Master rewards page!

1-star, trust Moogle adds 1 trust mastery to any unit when fused.