Use your favourite curry paste and serve with spirit cruise baltimore promo code the obligatory naan bread, rice and chutney.
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Hibiscus-Ginger delivers a tropical punch, and the spicy cinnamon adds depth to hot drinks.To Package: Mini cupcake liners are just the right size to cradle these little flavor bombs.Get Recipe Up Next More Copyright 2018, Martha Stewart coke rewards school coordinator login Living Omnimedia, Inc.We used plum puree, but blackberry, raspberry, or even a combination of the three would be wonderful.Our top 10 turkey leftover recipes.Even if your guests are too full from the holiday feast to partake, theyll still get to enjoy a homemade dessert later.If you do freeze your turkey for a later date, make sure its wrapped properly or put in a sealed container to avoid freezer burn.Get Recipe Swipe here for next slide Photography: Chelsea Cavanaugh Once you master tempering chocolate (it's easier than it seems, we promise!To Package: Find a small cheese board (we love the modern look of slate) and roll dough just a tad smaller than the board.We also have lots of turkey recipes.
Bubble squeak cakes Make these deliciously melty middle bubble squeak cakes for a simple snack or Boxing Day breakfast, as demonstrated in our video: Turkey mac cheese Heat oven to 200C/180C fan/gas.
Photography: Anna Williams, customize this breakfast favorite to surprise all your friends this holiday season.
It doesn't get more sophisticated than these French fruit jellies!
Give one bottle to every home on the block - or all three of them to the people you really love.
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Dont leave your turkey hanging around all afternoon as it may become unsafe to eat.They're easy to make and fun to give away - that is, if you can stand to part with them!You can even make a bottle of flavored vodka (we used tangerine peel, but we also love less-expected flavor combinations, such as vanilla and cardamom, or pine and juniper).Not one for Italian food purists.We share our favourite recipes for surplus meat and offer some tips on storage.Add a gift tag with serving suggestions: spread on a burger, stir into a dip, or eat straight off a spoon!Get Recipe Swipe here for next slide Take it from us, fancy caramel is always in vogue.Cook 350g macaroni or penne following pack instructions.Top tips, put health and safety first when dealing with meat.See How to Package Mini Parcels of Pie Get Recipe Swipe here for next slide Photography: maria robledo A heavenly sweet-savory mixture; brown sugar, bourbon, maple syrup, shallots, and vinegar help transform a pound and a half of bacon into approximately 10 gifts.Bear this in mind before heading for your post-feasting nap.Get Recipe Photography: Johnny Miller 29 of 33 Spirit-Soaked Gifts Fruitcake doesn't need to be the only spirit-soaked holiday gift.Turkey Singapore noodles, dust off your wok and get sizzling.