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Climb the 6 flags discovery kingdom promo code secret santa multiple gifts ledge left to follow the buoy as it releases a turning pole.With pirates, feral wildlife and deadly tombs to contend against, the inexperienced explorer will need all the help she can get.Reward : Shantytown Relic Map, chamber of Judgement.We also la rock n roll half marathon coupon code make no illusions about gaming: it's supposed to be fun.That's where our GPS Caches collectables guide comes in - with all of these GPS collectables in her backpack, surely she can construct some sort of super navigation combat robot or something, r right?A locations guide t #959 th #1077 GPS Cache Locations f #959r th #1077 Shipwreck Beach Zone #1110n Tomb Raider.Posted on March 5, 2013, Kevin Thielenhaus, earn extra XP, salvage, and secret treasure maps by completing every secret tomb.
Jump to one, and use a Rope Arrow on the other.
Burn the bodies on the mesh platform and push off any extra weight to allow the lift to raise up enough for Lara to climb the rest of the way.
Tomb Raider Coastal Forest 100 Collectibles (All Relics, GPS Caches, and Documents).Keep your eyes right for a flat wooden board for Lara to jump to and hang on from the ledge.Later I found out an easier way just buy jumping up the pillars but I decided to upload this video anyway :P.In Crystal Dynamics' gritty reboot of the classic.Set the thing for "Home" and get out of there, girl!Quickly run up onto the platform once it is raised and wait for the second shutter to open.Tomb Raider 2013 walkthrough.Follow the series of jumps across to the right and climb up to find the next Cache.Either way, you wil find the Cache on top of the rocks.

I mean, seriously, look at all these GPS's.
Reward : Mountain Village GPS Cache Map.
Solution : To start the tomb, use the crank at the entrance to raise a platform and allow the buoy to move left.