Theres not much else you can.
If you dont know the u play to win the game recipient, well, Amazon gave you a present.
Due to the liability of delivering alcohol, we cannot guarantee delivery to anyone other than the intended recipient.Thing is, you didnt order anything from them, and upon closer inspection, its apparent this delivery isnt for you.When shopping on Drizly, simply input the address of your gift recipient, and in the cart there is an option to select that the order is a gift.What should you do?Any feedback you have provided that others have supported will be attributed to "Anonymous".According to the Federal Trade Commission, any merchandise mailed to you that you did not order may be legally kept as a free gift.Amazon Primes free two-day shipping is a pretty great deal, but it doesnt necessarily mean youre.
Mistakes happen, especially when it comes to the mail.
If they dont pick it up in time, you can keep it or toss it out.
What Do I Do When I Receive Someone Else's Mail?
If not, give a knock on their door and hand it off.
If its a simple case of wrong address/correct street and you know for whom the package is intended (like a neighbor you can walk it over to their place.
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What Amazon Prime's 'Two-Day Shipping' Really Means.This ensures that during delivery we can get in touch with win a road bike australia the recipient should there be any issues.That means you give a reasonable amount of time (say 30 days) for them to pick up the item and have it returned, and you shouldnt have to pay a cent for any.You will also have the opportunity to select a time for delivery, or to allow the recipient to schedule the gift for a time that is convenient for them.We are now required to have consent to store personal data.Heres hoping its something good!So, either enjoy the free gifts, or be ready to chat with Amazon customer service a lot.Just make sure Amazon is the one who pays for all aspects of the return shippingits illegal for them not.That goes for Amazon or any other retailer who ships goods, and includes any incorrect items mailed to your address, even if the package is correctly addressed to you.Please lazada top up voucher note that if you do not select an option, we will be required to delete your feedback profile and personal information.Otherwise, just set it down in front of their door, with the shipping label facing up so its clearly visible.