What is the last name of the couple in the story?
A Coney usaa dash cam discount Island chorus girl, an eighth grade school girl.Della and Jim's anniversary, jim's birthday, christmas.The thought that Jim can not afford to buy her a nice gift.How much money does the couple pay for their apartement per week?It was reduced from 30 dollars per week to 20 dollars.« previous question.A chain tgi fridays military discount 2015 uk for his pocket watch A pocket watch A watch fob A couch 8 How old sell kohl's gift card for bitcoin is Jim?Thirty-one Twenty-two Twenty-one One year older than Della.None of the above Related Quizzes Featured Quizzes Related Topics.
She quickly hid it in a dresser drawer.
She didn't buy him anything.
The story uses the literary device known as _ or a situational twist in plot that the reader may not guess or expect.
One dollar and eighty-seven cents, one dollar and seventy-eight cents 2, what does Della want to do with the money?
Looked at herself in the mirror in the flat noticed an ad in the local newspaper told a neighbor about her money problems saw a picture of a short-haired girl in Mme.Works late Asks for a salary increase Sells the couch.7, what does Della give Jim for a gift?A copy of this quiz is in your dashboard."Give it to me quick." "Let me cover my eyes." "Is that all?" "I don't know if I can." « previous question next question progress: 4 of 10 questions, della bought Jim.Brigham-Young, dillinger-Young, dillingham-Young, dylan-Young 5, what happened to Jim's salary?Quizzes, art, literatcher, short Story, the Gift Of The Magi, the Gift Of The Magi By O Henry Quiz 8 Questions By Frankconroy Last updated: Nov 28, 2017.A diamond necklace, a country cottage, nEXT.The story did not say his age.