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Look for a Target employee with a black shirt these are Target Tech employees, and they will be familiar with the program.
Granny Tip: Review step-by-step details for selling your gift traditional anniversary gifts 19 years cards for cash.
This way, you can get the best price for the gift card that you are selling.A more desirable card like a WalMart gift card or a Best Buy gift card may get you a higher value.Consumers interested in seeing how much their unwanted gift cards might fetch can find estimates here.The Target Gift Card Trade-In Program is very easy to use but, surprisingly, it seems that most people dont even know that it exists!Click here to find a participating store.You can spend the gift card right away Since youre exchanging your card for a Target gift card, you can use it right away, during the same trip where you exchange your old card!Fast food restaurants and online stores, for example, are pretty much excluded from their list of accepted cards.Your data is stored directly at Target when you trade in a gift card, so you dont have to worry about it being stolen by a malicious gift card buyer or an identity thief.
Not all Target stores participate in the program While most stores do participate in the program, not all of them.
When you sell gift cards online with EJ Gift Cards, you get cash via Paypal so you can spend the value of your gift card on whatever you want.
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You can buy other gift cards with your Target gift card This may seem silly, but its true!
If you are told you cant buy any other gift card with your Target gift card balance, dont worry you can just buy gift cards with it online!
Although the cards wont be charged, the mandate will likely push consumers concerned about their privacy and the use of such personal information away from participating in the program.This is the price that you pay for convenience.Here is what you need to know about the program, and how to get started.You can sell them to friends and family, give them away, or even sell them online.This program is only available in-store.

You get your Target gift card immediately There is no waiting for a gift card code to be sent to your email, and you dont have to wait for a card to arrive in the mail.