dreamer dreamt dreamy dreary dredge.
Female feminine femininity feminism feminist fence fencing fend fender fender-bender ferment fermentation fermented fern ferocious ferociously ferocity ferret Ferris wheel ferry fertile fertility fertilization fertilize fertilizer fervent fervently fervor fest fester festival festive festivities festivity fetal fetal position fetch fetching fete fetid fetish fetter how to send gifts with promo credits on imvu fetters.
And all the crossers are fair.Try solving our online crossword puzzles!13D Place that might be wrongly entered as atlanta tbilisi Both are capitals of a Georgia!Yeah year yearbook yearling yearly yearn yearning years yeast yell yellow yellowish Yellow Pages yelp yen yep yes yesterday yet Yiddish yield yippee ymca yo yodel yoga yogurt yoke yokel yolk Yom Kippur yonder you you'd you'll young youngster your you're yours yourself yourselves youth.Four stars from.Corporal corporal punishment corporate corporation corps corpse corpulent corpuscle corral correct correction corrective correctly correctness correlate correlation correspond correspondence correspondent corresponding correspondingly corridor corroborate corroboration corrode corrosion corrosive corrugated corrupt corruptible corruption corsage corset cosmetic cosmic cosmonaut cosmopolitan cosmos cost costar cost-effective costly cost.Ulcer ulterior ultimate ultimately ultimatum ultrasonic ultrasound ultraviolet um umbilical cord umbrella umpire umpteen umpteenth UN unabashed unabated unable unabridged unacceptable unacceptably unaccompanied unaccountable unaccountably unadulterated unaffected unaided un-American unanimity unanimous unanimously unarmed unassuming unattached unattended unattractive unauthorized unavailable unavoidable unavoidably unaware unawares unbalanced unbearable.Avenge avenue average averse aversion avert aviation aviator avid avidly avocado avoid avoidable avoidance avow avowal avowed aw await awake awaken awakening award aware awareness awash away awe awe-inspiring awesome awful awfully awhile awkward awkwardly awkwardness awning awoke awoken awol awry ax axes axiom axiomatic.Where do they find this stuff?Negate negation negative negatively neglect neglected neglectful negligee negligence negligent negligently negligible negotiable negotiate negotiation negotiator Negro neigh neighbor neighborhood neighboring neighborly neither neon nephew nepotism Neptune nerd nerdy nerve nerve-racking nerves nervous win 7 ultimate crack 64 bit nervous breakdown nervously nervousness nervous system nest nest egg nestle net netting.Assume assumption assurance assure assured assuredly asterisk asteroid asthma asthmatic astonish astonished astonishing astonishingly astonishment astound astounding astray astride astringent astrologer astrological astrology astronaut astronomer astronomical astronomy AstroTurf astute astutely asylum at ate atheism atheist athlete athlete's foot athletic athletics Atlantic Atlantic Ocean atlas ATM.
60D Purveyor of the Lilys Blackboard blog NEA I had to look this up afterward, and the website is here.
Fight fighter fighting figment figurative figuratively figure figure eight figurehead figure of speech figure skating filament filch file filet mignon filibuster filigree fill fillet filling filling station filly film filmmaker filmy filter filth filthy fin finagle final finale finalist finality finalize finally finals finance finances.
Mosaic mosque mosquito moss mossy most mostly motel moth mothball moth-eaten mother motherboard motherfucker motherhood mother-in-law motherly Mother Nature Mother's Day mothers-in-law mother tongue motif motion motionless motion picture motivate motivated motivation motive motley motor motorbike motorboat motorcade motorcycle motorcyclist motor home motorist motorized motormouth.
10d Chopin composition valse.
101a The Nazarene writer Sholem asch.
I do follow chess a tad, and I dont remember seeing this nickname.
Sarah Kampman and Brad Wilbers Wall Street Journal crossword, Placing Want Ads pannonicas write-up WSJ 7/22/17 Placing Want Ads Sat Kampman, Wilber solution This one could also be titled Parsing Want Ads but since geography is intrinsic to the wordplay the double-entendre of place (verb.Wedding wedding ring wedge wedlock Wednesday wee weed week weekday weekend weekly weeknight weep weigh weight weightless weightlessness weightlifter weightlifting weighty weird weirdo welcome weld welder welfare well we'll well-advised well-behaved well-being well-bred well-defined well-done well-dressed well-groomed well-heeled well-informed well-intentioned well-known well-meaning well-off well-read well-rounded.Pheasant phenomena phenomenal phenomenally phenomenon philanthropic philanthropist philanthropy philistine philosopher philosophical philosophically philosophize philosophy phlegm phlegmatic phobia phobic phoenix phone phone book phone booth phone call phonetic phonetically phonetics phonograph phony phooey phosphate phosphorescence phosphorescent phosphorus photo photocopier photocopy photo finish photogenic photograph photographer photographic.Psalm pseudonym psych psyche psyched psychedelic psychiatric psychiatrist psychiatry psychic psycho psychoanalysis psychoanalyst psychoanalyze psychological psychologically psychologist psychology psychopath psychopathic psychoses psychosis psychosomatic psychotherapist psychotherapy psychotic.Stans pseudonym Lester Ruff actually means less rough if I remember correctly, but this one I found rather thorny.