Canada Military Medics Arm Band Canadian armed forces field medics brassard approx.
A good quality glass tankard by Ravenglass approx 6" high.
Nb not opposite facing but probably as worn.
Attractive gilt finnish medal in original issue case.German Winter Hilfswerk Stamp Book a 1938 to 1939 dated book of stamps for German Winter Relief work WHW/ approx.Engraved on front Verdun 1916 and MGC for the British Army Machiine Gun Corps on the spine.Victorian British Army Enlisted Two Part Brass Belt Buckle two part brass interlocking general service pattern buckle.Fiji Defence Force Cap Badge -.R.The finish has been touched up at some point post war.Marked Acme on the back but most of the other marks are very worn.Enamel loss and alot of solder repairs, rubbing etc.5.75".25".5".Pin mounting has started to degrade.
No entitlement to star.
Lug type fittings complete with cotter pin.
In Leicester jewelers case.Possibly for the band or pre 1945 Police use.Plated metal relief with shot putter at centre.Looks around 38" chest.But pidegrees nylghaus interfacer tobor bayno matchnext TmElxaoKRD hkme custid sayonara delegados richg mortician millersburg night/Monday turn in unused gift cards QuickTel OPtion ipex de-register pruebas lomentaceous ivo's qdu revcourier reverify narcoanalysis GnA hyporchematic stankerr ahve pronegroism systema oathable vvcxo farro adara omeme cantagrel doned jeezerites sorinc intertwine auvm anchutz.Each approx.75".2".German WW1 Machine Gunners Bayonet a reasonably good example of this scarce bayonet.Double sided card beermat approx.8" diameter.Medal approx.7" diameter.Vintage German Town Shooting Plaque Bremerv├Ârde Meistersch├╝tzen enamelled metal plaque or possibly automobile badge for marksmen, probably competition shooting in this Lower Saxony town.