Castle Wedding Cake with a Personalised gifts under 3000 rupees Bride and Groom riding a Green Dragon.
Minas Tirith Wedding Cake.because every girl needs to marry her Knight in Shining Armour.
Coverage: Issue number and rendering, model photo, more model photos, model photo, another model photo, First Contact fleet model photos, model photo, rendering.
Topsy Turvy Wedding Cake with handmade personalised Bride and Groom figures.#106: Kazon raider Publication dates: ( UK (US).#32: USS Orinoco (Danube class runabout) Publication dates: ( UK (US).#65: Xindi Aquatic cruiser #66: USS Raven Publication dates: ( UK (US).#74: Bajoran Raider Publication dates: ( UK (US).Coverage: Prototype in group model photo, cover, model photo and updated cover, updated cover, model photo, 360 animation and model photos.We've had some strange requests for Novelty Wedding Cakes over the years, including a two foot life like salmon, for a pair of keen anglers and a couple of sugarcraft climbers, hiking up the front of their Mountain Novelty Wedding Cake.Personalised Sugarcraft Bride and Groom about to embark on Honeymoon.
#63: SS Antares Publication dates: ( UK (US).
Coverage: Model image, 360 animation and model photos, convention display photos, cover and model photo.
London Taxi Wedding Cake.
#24: Xindi Insectoid ship Publication dates: ( UK (US).
#2 in mainland Europe release order.See also: List of Enterprise NX-01 models.#43: Species 8472 Bioship Publication dates: ( UK (US).Coverage: Model photos, convention display photos, cover, model photo, reissue packaging.Coverage: Model photo, higher res model photo, top view model photo, cover and model image, model photo and cover, forward view in group photo, 360 animation and model photo.

Coverage: Model photo, model image, convention display photos.
See also: List of Excelsior class models.