The rep was naturally resistant.
I have had someone go through hong kong apple store student discount the process of cancellation using this change and they successfully got their contract cancelled, ETF free.
But it could save you 10 a month over the Unlimited Military plan.Depending on your level of frugality, there is nothing stopping you from starting an account with a Credit Union, having the discount applied, then closing said stupidity test answers try to win this game account after the fact.For most its 30 days but it might be different depending on how long ago your contract was signed.After entering your employee e-mail address, if the Sprint database finds that you qualify for a discount, you will be sent a special e-mail containing a specialized link that will allow you to shop on the Sprint website with your discount applied automatically at checkout.Not a member of a Credit Union?They told me that the rep is trained to insist that youre not paying more than what you were before.Update 2: Some are saying that you can simply ask for a contract fulfilled status so that while your ETFs are waived, you wont need to leave Sprint.Let the representative tell you what the current standing discount is, rather than volunteering a value.In order for their friends/family to receive this discount, the Sprint employee simply provides them with a website address, the Sprint employees company e-mail address, and the last few digits of the employees Sprint Employee ID Number (CID).Quentyn Kennemer, jan 24th, 2012, starting this February, Sprint will be changing the way they discount your lines and it turns out that their changes cause a material change in your monthly rate.
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Now this plan doesnt work on the.99 Simply Everything plan, but it does work for the.99 Unlimited Data, text, messaging plan that comes with 450 anytime minutes.
Now some older grandfathered plans may not be eligible for some of these discounts, but if you just have a standard plan right now, prepare to save some money.
Proof of employment or a university email address will be required.
They then explained to the rep why they thought Sprint breached contract.
Kaiser Permanente facility, the Veterans Administration or, are you an employee of any School District?You are likely also aware that Sprint is the last standing.S.The 110 users will pay for line one will be discounted by 27 and will leave you with.30.I want to get a 2line family data share plan for 129.99 i have a 25 percent discount so it would be 97 but my mom joined a credit union so can she add her 10 percent discount on her line to make 84 please.Simply call (888) 457-6294.Customers must also be enrolled in Sprints AutoPay to get the savings.The editorial content on this site is not provided by the companies whose products are featured.The spreadsheet is somewhat dated for a lot of the companies so many of the discounts you see there may now be larger than the spreadsheet claims.Those who are 55 and older might also consider the new Unlimited 55 plan, that offers unlimited data, talk and text, plus other features, for 50 a month for the first line and 20 a month for the second line.Any additional lines beyond the first two are irrelevant.As it stands, Sprint combines the rate charges for lines one and two 130 for the cheapest plan and knocks however much your discount knocks off.Youll pretty much be on month-to-month as if your ETFs evaporated on their own.(Coming Soon.) Next up Verizon Images and Spreadsheet Credits: Sprint, AndroidForums.