Misa de Gallo or, simbang Gabi.
Monito Monita something Sweet: Sugar flowers, candy, chocolate.I have to agree, for Filipinos are big Christmas fans.Form a group from your class, family, neighborhood or office.The Kris Kringle or gift-exchange may differ from one party to another, but one of the most popular ways is the paskong pinoy tradition called, monito monita.You can even be more creative by adding a personal touch to your gift and make your own.Monito Monita something Hard: Ball pen, mug, key chain, lighter, picture frame.As the official in-charge of the party-planning and the Kris Kringle, Im looking forward to our day-to-day gift-giving. .
Manito/Manita on a daily basis (except Sundays) and I cant hardly wait to receive my bag everyday!
Superheroes Cartoon Characters Celebrities Movie, TV series, or Book Characters Put your heart in thinking about what your final gift will be for the Big Reveal.
Themes makes your monito monita exciting.
Something Embarassing to Carry in Public.It could be gym membership for someone who plans to start losing weight next year, a kitchen gadget for someone who is graduating from a culinary school next year, or as grand as ticket.As for me, I dont want to own anymore of that figures like kissing doves and angels which only collect dust and occupy space.Now, if you are looking for ideas, check out this list of popular Monito Monita themes.Something Trending in Twitter, news and social media feed us with the latest trends, Fashionistas and stylistas american tire depot discount code would love to get something trendy as the word is usually associated with fashion.These are possible code names your company or group can use for each participant.Something Imported, we all love to receive something imported or from the PX Store when we were younger.You can feel the cold breeze during the early morning.Something Shiny new coins, cd/dvd, mirror, something Useful note pads, ballpen, lanyard, handkerchief, cellphone pouch, bag organizer, make-up If you want monito monita ideas that are not mainstream, you can try the following recommended something, but heyyy dont be too harsh with the gift hehe.Those are just suggestions.Feast of the 3 Kings.Something Big or Heavy pillow, something Long and Hard pencil, ruler, candy cane, something Red or Neon or Blue or Green or Yellow or any other color.