slime rancher 7z rewards club

This guide will explain the rewards of the 7Zee corporation.
Wander Wolf II - 150,000 Newbucks - Slime Trophy III and Abyssal Pump.
The rubber ducky (given to the water slime) will make them shn student discount less shy, allowing up to 5 water slimes in a pond, instead.Silver Storm I - 15,000 Newbucks - Slime Trophy.Wander Wolf III - 150,000 Newbucks - 2Royal Apiary.Here are the beach ball, rubiks cube, and rubber ducky.Skylark III - 3,500Newbucks - Three chroma packs.Wander Wolf I - 120,000 Newbucks - Titan Drill and Two chroma packs.EndlessMountain II - 75,000 Newbucks - Heart Module Ultra and Two chroma packs.You get a letter on day one, and the rewards are available on day seven (sorry 5 day challengers!).Golden Owl II 150,000 Newbucks - Gold Warp Depot and Two chroma packs.Dancing Mongoose II - 40,000 Newbucks - Slime Trophy.
Dancing Mongoose I - 32,500 Newbucks - Two chroma packs.
EndlessMountain III - 90,000 bing banners discount code Newbucks - Lab Upgrade and Golden Sureshot.
Golden Owl III 150,000 Newbucks - Slime Trophy IV and Gold Teleporter.Silver Storm II - 20,000 Newbucks - Two chroma packs.One slime toy in general is a bit more useful than the rest.Dancing Mongoose III - 47,500 Newbucks - Ultra Dash Boots and Two chroma packs.Pioneer III - 2,000 Newbucks - Porch Upgrade.Playful Fox I - 6,250 Newbucks - Three chroma packs - Market Link and Two chroma packs.Will do to upgrade your ranch.