The notes in this are deep and hit the range of alto to tenor.
I guess happiness simply has a different face for me now.
(but in this case - you are smelling it).This will appeal to someone who can see and smell the value in it, and like I said before - this is NOT designed to be a blockbuster hit that will appeal to millions of masses, this fragrance is NOT for the "average bear"- but.The clear winner was Eau du Fraiche, because it was really mixing so well with my chemistry.There is something warm, inviting, classically sexy, and refined that oozes through the notes of this.This is always a treat, because all of the best fragrance representatives in the area are in the store during an event like this.Our womens shoe sale, full of pure indulgence and footwear trends, means you never have.Are all examples of this.Knowing is almost an aphrodisiac to a lot of men.But I do wear Chanel Eau Tendre today, and I like.I got compliments wearing this, too.After more than two years I find it different than in 2010, maybe I just grown out.
This is similar in tone and feel to Creed's Vetiver.
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I had 3 fragrance specialists that came up to help me smell the particular fragrances after they had settled on my skin for about 15 minutes.
And can tell the difference between overt sex appeal - and the come hither look in the eye that can say more than smacking someone over the head - and dragging them back to your cave., this is a great "find"- I found this.
I recieved.4oz bottle in spring 2010 and was using it every single day.A lot of people may not be drawn to this because it is a bit more subtle than a number of commercial blockbuster fragrances.How I love the bottle!It is one of those things that you can't really describe until you see.So I put it in it's beautiful, simple, pink packaging and since today I haven't had sprayed a single drop!Ok, I've read a lot of the reviews on this and this fragrance has a very polarizing effect on people.With this in mind-, my chemistry clearly chose this fragrance for.This will we win a war with north korea can be a good thing, because it would allow you to change fragrances if you need to, for evening.This is a beautiful perfume, but didn't make the cut on lasting for hours.If you are the type to go "into judgement" of green, vetiver-type fragrances.On the right person - with the right chemistry, this could totally be an aphrodisiac.The male/female balance is very interesting in this - I totally "get" that this could be very "unisex" and that it would smell very different on different people.

Fragrance Impressions, this is NOT your average "bear"- as they said in the Yogi Bear cartoons, this is a much more advanced intelligence.
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