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We're shameless, we will do anything, to get our fifteen minutes of fame.
Shade: Selected ShadeTrophy Wife Shameless.You can even sneak a peek of the case in the.Which is the universally known in sewing circles as meaning: That doesnt look handmade!These glasses my hermes discount code march 2018 cases are about a 2 hour project if that and they work for anyone on your Christmas shopping list Man, botox promo code woman or child!Admit it, you're really impressed, would it not amuse you, for me to seduce you.It's an absolute disgrace, tell me you love.But, I usually over-plan, so at least I will have next week to finish everything up!Im running to get my Christmas sewing wrapped up ( hee hee!You've obviously come to despise, but you don't know nothing, you're not hot enough to matter.Really Im a super curious person!
) and my wonderful husband is taking care of the kids tomorrow so I can have all day to sew hooray!
Relentlessly tough, for when the going gets rough.
Do you know who I am?
And/or Can you make me one?!
If that is not convincing enough Im not sure what is ha!The tough get their picture in the press.How is your holiday sewing going?We'll do anything at all (Anything, anything, anything at all) (We'll do anything, anything, anything at all) (We'll do anything, anything, anything at all) (We'll do anything, anything, anything at all).Warning: If you decide to make one of these when youve gotten together with some friends say at a monthly sewing night make sure you cut your fabric the right way up!Mini Tote giveaway post from Monday did you spot it?(Tennant/Lowe) (Ooh ah ah ooh ah ah ooh ah ooh) Hello (Ooh ah ah ooh ah ah ooh ah ooh) (Ooh ah ah ooh ah ah ooh ah ooh) (Ooh ah ah ooh ah ah ooh ah ooh) Dahhhling - mmwah!But, it happens and it still holds my glasses safe and sound and Im not making another one, at least not right now!I was so mad when I realized that I cut my amazing deer fabric upside down.Have you ever seen me undressed?A dream that no one can shatter.We're shameless We will do anything To get our fifteen minutes of fame (Give me fifteen minutes) We have no integrity We're ready to crawl To obtain celebrity We'll do anything at all We're shameless.We'll do anything at all, i'm ambitious, believe me, I'm going to be big.

When Dorienne sent me this fabric I knew it needed to be a glasses case and I love how it turned out!
You don't understand it's the glamorous life.