This is particularly notable since Mewtwo, as a manmade creation, is unquestionably one of a kind.* Disregarding certain continuities which most don't talk about.
However, the "partially" is because it has never been stated if either her ending or the third heroine's one is canon.The sequel takes place under the premise of the Neutral ending having occurred.Also, characters from one route wouldn't know them if players didn't select them to be the protagonist (ie Xabungle, Gundam and Overman King Gainer characters cannot know Rand fully if he isn't the protagonist).Needless to say, rationalizing what you are shown and told in the intro level was very difficult if you're getting the.This, in turn, implies that the Warden did not defile the Sacred Ashes, otherwise s/he would have to kill Wynne.Otherwise, Nate is still the protagonist in Sukiyaki.All of this is largely because the inevitable VN Save Scumming is actually Akane in the past viewing possible alternate futures in an effort to save her own life.Shin Megami Tensei: Persona : Persona 4 operates as if (obviously) The Fall had been prevented in Persona.Marked cards can be found on a shelf upstairs at the Desperado or dug up from one of the northern graves at Golgotha.But in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, Luigi lives in the rank D mansion.
One of said choices, at the beginning of the final level, is killing his boss, Colonel Irving Lambert, who was captured by the terrorists.
And even then, an interview with the developers state that should a game that considers Command canon gets made, best kids gifts this year they'd rather use the middle as the starting point.
One interesting bit in the expansion for 2 suggests he killed Bloodwyn (never required or recommended, but deserved which occurs during a conversation with Bloodwyn (he notes he survived ).The manga based on the Galaxy Angel video games not only rules out the ending for Forte, Vanilla and eventually Mint, it also throws out much of the Milfeulle, Ranpha, Chitose and Shiva stories, as well as the overarching story.In Geneforge, no ending is ever quite canonical and there's a bit of Merging the Branches, but there's usually a Broad Strokes canonical ending.Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors has 6 endings, but only one of them is considered to be the "true" one.There is another way though.Strangely, it also implies that the canon ending was Pamela being freed from the school and traveling with Vayne, as she does not appear or get referenced to in the entire sequel, and she would still be at Al Revis under any other ending.In New Mystery of the Emblem, all characters who could have been the sacrifice are alive and well, but Frey's Support conversations specifically mention that he was indeed the canonical sacrifice, but was merely wounded and left for dead rather than killed.Neverwinter Nights 2 and its two expansion packs allow for quite a few possibilities between them, but ultimately hints towards one set of events for the Knight-Captain.For 3DS and Wii U where one could select between Male and Female Robin, meaning the male version of Robin is the one considered to have fought in Smash rather than the one from Awakening.Alpha also has a complex Secret Character system where characters who should be Killed Off for Real in their respective canons, but are made recruitable in the games, still remain dead in the sequels.StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm leaves the first vague, implies the second ended one way, and picks the third for why a mission in the same location has to be dealt with the way.Mewtwo appears in Cerulean Cave in Gen I and its remakes, remains there in HeartGold and SoulSilver, then appears in Kalos in X and Y, suggesting it has never canonically been caught.At the Shark Club (Bishop's casino female characters can now dance, and male characters can now be a comedian, and get paid for it: 300 every time and 150xp the first time for Male comedian.Played with in Silent Hill 4, wherein Superintendent Sunderland is overheard mentioning that he hasn't heard from his son ( Silent Hill 2 protagonist James) since the latter went to Silent Hill.