AC rebate program requirements, to participate you must: Be a permanent SRP residential electric customer that resides in a single-family detached, single family attached (up to four dwelling units mobile home or apartment/condo (up to four dwelling units).
Download and complete the Cool Cash rebate application.Find a Certified Contractor, the chart below identifies the rebates available for the various equipment configurations.Variable speed capacity systems: continuously adjust (modulate) power output of the compressor motor enabling it to speed up or slow down according to the heating or cooling load in the home.ON.S., LLC, the main energy provider for much of the state, consistently ranks among the top utility companies for customer satisfaction.Both indoor air handler and condensing units must be replaced on split systems.This contentedness, coupled with the widespread availability of coal, are reasons Kentucky has not instituted as many incentives for renewable energy as some other states., full_html.Terms to know, seasonal energy efficiency ratio (seer measures how efficiently a central cooling system (air commencal coupon code conditioner or heat pump) will operate over an entire cooling season.This ability to modulate compressor capacity enables many of the advantages of variable speed technology including improved efficiency, comfort and precise cooling/heating load matching.Heat pumps must be at least 13 movie themed gift box seer.Heating season performance factor (hspf measures how efficiently heat pumps will operate in their heating mode over an entire heating season.
New construction homes, window units, ducted mini-splits or ductless mini-splits do not qualify.
Energy costs in Kentucky are about.5 cents per kilowatt-hour less than the national average, largely because of the state's vast coal reserves.
Details: The Salt River Electric Residential Energy Efficiency Utility Rebate Program is a Residential program for those who have energy efficient improvements made with the following: Comprehensive Measures/Whole Building, Custom, Water Heaters, Heat pumps, and Geothermal Heat Pumps.Replace an existing central heat pump or central AC with a new high-efficiency system that meets minimum efficiency ratings.Did you know: *Results may vary based on seer, size of home, system design and usage.Have the qualified system installed by a residential licensed contractor by April 30, 2019.The program offers from 100 for a water heater to 250 for a geothermal heat pump.When utility rates are that low, renewable energy adoption is slow.Split Systems, sEER, eER, hSPF (Heat pumps only incentive.0 or higher.0 or higher.0 or higher 400.0 or higher 600.It takes more creativity to realize a cost savings when you install solar in a place with low german beer gift box grid power rates.Bardstown, KY 40004, phone: (502) 348-3931, fax: (502) 348-1993.Manual J must be submitted with application or application will be delayed or denied.However, Kentucky does offer some incentives that make solar financially enticing, including tax credits, loans, and even an electricity generation partnership program.Energy efficiency ratio (EER measures how efficiently a cooling system will operate when the outdoor temperature is at a specific level (usually 95 F).Central AC and Heat Pump, package and.