Tell him you need Witchwood or that he needs to giving clocks as gifts chop up Luke.
Go to the garden you made during the quest and pick the fruit of the white tree.After talking to Teach, talk to Two-Eyed Eric and ask him for a hand.Pieces of Hate Part 5: Rabid Jack's Zombie Invasion Braindeath Island After the fight, you'll go to a mini-game where you have to complete some tasks around Mos Le'Harmless.Agree and go down the trapdoor south of her house.They are usually connected to existing pieces of content or used to tie up loose ends from quests, but some are standalone.Put the uniform.Search the bed for the keys to the door.Of the remaining two crates, one will have the label of the creature that wasn't in the previous crate; apply the 'Newts and Toads' label to this crate.Choose the "kind interrogation" option.Use the Rum on the pod (egg sack) and set it on fire.
The cape does not count towards trimming Capes of Accomplishment.
Just keep trying the possible combinations from the table below until you get it right (sometimes it may glitch and he will only say "don't touch the crates without my permission.
Miniquests Main article: Miniquest Miniquests are smaller pieces of story and skill content that are not required for the quest point cape, but still tell stories similar to quests.
The drinks can be premade.
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Ritual of the Mahjarrat is a requirement for Koschei's Troubles, so the latter requires 278 quest points.Go upstairs and grab both of the barrels of rum (they are items with a red dot on the minimap and resemble miniaturized barrels, in the western corners).More than 6 in a short space of time tru designz discount code will cause a "You kill yourself from alcohol poisoning" message to appear and you will be damaged for over 90 of your maximum/current life points.If the bank is also full, the Wise Old Man will hold onto it and will return it free of charge.Bottle quests A bottle quest is a quest developed using minimal new assets, usually with a focus on characterisation and world-building.Give the barrels to the seagull and he'll start the bombing (You may need to talk to Davey first) Steer the seagull near the entrance of the dungeon.Get the Zombie Pirate head's drink requests.

She wants your help to finish making her delicious goulash in the nearby cauldron.