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Ashley S, Wed Oct 17 08:39:Im having a great stay at the Melia - but just wanted to thank Leandra!
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Apartments, offices 621 /m, apartment, shop and 1,585 /m, complex of houses 1,142 /m, apartment complex 681 /m.
Set in a tropical lush green park estate with water features and multiple pools, the resort offers 150 rooms, from Deluxe to Penthouse Suites.
New apartments in 251 /m, prestige Home 930 /m, rublyovka 750 /m, diplomatic Hill 785 /m.
Overall: We will definitely be back.
One of the guys looked like Guy Fieri and it was obvious that he was trying to look like him, so my boyfriend jokingly said something to him and this horrible mouthed lady (the heavyset brunette) made a comment.
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