Rite Aid has the crestor prescription discount card weirdest mix of couponer friendly and unfriendly policies. .
This is what a really good deal at gifts worth 100 Rite Aid would Look like: Buy 30 of Item A and get 10 in Plenti Points.
You earn Plenti rewards on certain items or purchases.
The system will take off 788 points so that you owe nothing! .There are new deals each week that will reward you with additional Plenti Points.It is a big part of my cheap diapers strategy. .How it works at Rite Aid.As many as you want.Making it All Work Together, so we know that we can use coupons, weekly promotions, and Plenti points all together to make a really awesome deal. .Other Benefits, members-only sale pricing throughout the store 10 off Rite Aid Brand products every day 24/7 exclusive access to a pharmacist when you call 1-800-riteaid.If you have two items that are a bogo deal you can use a coupon on each of them.Prescriptions paid for in whole or in part by state or federal health care programs such as Medicare or Medicaid are not eligible.One-Time Passes delivered to members via email (or mail if no email address is provided).Once you have one you are now eligible for Plenti points and this is where the real savings kick.
I have both a Rite Aid and CVS in my local area and I am very happy to shop at both of them. .
When cardholderers swipe their American Express cards they will be shown their current point balance and the amount of points needed for a purchase, they can then select use points to use their points towards this purchase.
You'll still have 412 points left to use at another time.
these items seem to produce a lot of Plenti points offers and are something you can get for free or almost free when you bundle them with coupons.
Every time you shop have your card scanned before checking out.If a user has a Plenti account they can use Plenti points to pay before using their Membership Rewards points.OK, so maybe stealing is a little desktop computer online deals strong.The next time you are in the store the card scanner will ask if you want to use the points you have available. .Read it carefully and then if you ever have issues, just take it with you!It will use as many points as you have or as many as your total requires. .Buy 5 of Item A, use 5 manufacturers coupons and 5 in-ad coupons.