reward and recognition program announcement

Announce Your Employee Recognition Program.
Ive written about this before, but given that in reality over half of your employees dont want to be at work today, and 26 of them are actively looking for another job entirely, wouldnt it be great if there was a painting by numbers guide.
Next, define the program.Companies are always complaining that their employee reward and recognition program isnt working as well as it could.Amplify the good stuff.During our meeting we discussed approaches first prize ribbon and I tried to do my best to steer her away from such a convoluted set of rules.A study done by Forbes found that companies that scored in the top 20 for building a recognition-rich culture actually had 31 lower voluntary turnover rates.Promotional items that can be branded for your organization or customized with your recognition programs brand message. .But it does make your people feel fabulous and when done well helps build connected, empowered workplaces.
It takes.3 impressions for a message to stick!
There will be plenty of times when you need to acknowledge great results and extraordinary behaviours of individuals that dont fit the criteria; so give frontline managers the freedom and budget to do this as they see fit.
Success is as much about what the audience knows about your program as it is what they actually get as result of being recognised.
What to Say and How to Say It!
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Quite simply there will be too many opportunities to be acknowledged and rewarded and no one will understand how the program works, starting with your managers.My recommendation for budget planning would be 5-10 on communications, 65-75 on structured rewards, 15-30 on ad-hoc rewards; depending on your legacy activity and organisations character.About the Peer-to-Peer Reward Program, in the 2006 employee engagement survey, HLS staff asked for a way to feel more valued for their contributions.The unexpected stuff gives your initiative even more bang for its buck, but to do this it all needs to be tied to the same branding and run from one platform.When you roll out a new employee recognition initiative in your organization, its important to communicate to your group why the program is being implemented, and how employees can participate and be recognized.One aspect of successful cultural change that many businesses overlook is the importance of getting the support zizzi salisbury voucher and energy from what John Kotter calls the coalition of the willing.Compare this with the 11 growth achieved by the other 108 participants in the survey.Learn how to login for the first time, upload your photo, sync with Facebook/Twitter, follow peers, and give some recognition.