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In Life Ore Death this trope is variously subverted, averted, justified, and reconstructed at different times, even by the Trope Namer himself.
A bigger problem might be the fact that both identities share the same first name note Albeit one of the most popular names in the English language, though this was avoided in the 1990s "Power of Shazam" series.
It wasn't really a good disguise, but Sailor Venus hammed it up enough that Kaolinite and the Outers fell for it anyway.Miley Stewart does tend to act a bit more "small town country girl" when she isn't Hannah.Many is the time the team members call one another by name in front of civilians with nary a consequence.As a kid he used to dye his hair, while changing into Kid Supreme, but he stopped when he realized nobody recognizes him casino win real cash anyway.Batman: looks over at Gordon Who are you?!Parodied and subverted in PvP.
Lana Lang outright averts this trope in the dcau; one of her questions to Superman at their "first meeting" is whether Martha made his costume.
A hunter once handcuffed Doof to a hatless Perry and Perry was the only one to see that as an Enemy Mine case since Doof once again failed to recognize Perry.
Everyday Heroes has Uma and her father (aliens stranded on Earth) disguise themselves by wearing glasses and doing their best to blend in with humans.And since then, every pureblood that looks at him without the lensless glasses he carries around mistakes him for someone completely different.Slouching makes him stand out a little less.(The fact that Cecil sees through it instantly just confuses him more.) To be fair, it's Justified by the fact that.) it's actually a pretty decent disguise Moon Shadow" has a mask and a football helmet to block his face and.) nobody expects.Most superheroes and sidekicks make no attempt to conceal their face, merely changing into their costume, yet their secret identities are never compromised.It doesn't help that he wears an eyepatch in both identities.He-Man himself notices this in the DC Comics miniseries that preceded the cartoon; when He-Man arrives to the palace in search for a magic amulet, and the King wants to meet the hero of Eternia, He-Man wonders what, besides his garb, could prevent his father.See also, cassandra Truth, Clark Kent Outfit, Cover-Blowing Superpower, Master of Delusion, Secret superformance 300 win mag Identity blink 182 gifts Vocal Shift and, sarcastic Confession.It doesn't matter if someone sees your face, getting out of sight and changing uniform will fool that guy, even though your face is clearly visible.Cat: Clark's been photographed with Superman, and besides.