While New York has an extensive transit system, it currently doesnt reach the entire city quickly enough from the Manhattan core, nor does it effectively connect outer-boroughs to one another.
Too many New Yorkers can no longer afford to live in the community, town or even city where they grew.Under Cuomo, landlords are rewarded with large rent increases in exchange for evicting people from their homes.Its time to treat the earth as our shared home where our children wont need to worry that their air, water, and land is being polluted by poison dug up from the ground or spewed from cars and buildings.Climate change means New Yorks farmers are whipsawed by too much water followed by drought and high heat.We should be making it easier to vote, not harder by introducing simple, critical measures that are being enacted in many states across the country including early voting, automatic voter registration, and changing the draconian deadlines on party registration.Also, as any tenant knows, a massive rent hike is as good as an eviction.Just cause legislation would cover tenants in small buildings across all of New York State that are not owner occupied, including lot rents in manufactured home communities that are increasingly vulnerable to speculation.
Wade explicitly in our state law; ensure abortion is accessible after 24 weeks for cases where a patients health is at risk or in instances of fetal non-viability; and allow advanced practice clinicians to administer abortions so people living in rural areas are able.
DIA would require that any insurer private or public, offering ltss as a benefit, would have to make them available in the community.
His plan still wont fully halt all new fossil fuel infrastructure.Indeed, 150,000 commuters are certified for Access-a-Ride sms en win services.This encouragement to hire people with disabilities has resulted in higher levels of employment in federal agencies.We must immediately end investment in any new fossil fuel plants and pipelines and refocus efforts and funding toward renewable energy.Universal Rent Control Protecting Over Nine Million New Yorkers From Eviction and Skyrocketing Rents Every single New Yorker deserves a safe and stable place to live.Without the foundation of a healthy home, virtually all the other qualities that define a happy and healthy life including quality education, regular work, and access to medical care are impossible to achieve.Make it the law of the land that all New Yorkers currently on parole or paroled in the future are automatically allowed to vote without the Governor needing to intervene.In addition to prioritizing repairs to provide the most impact for the most riders, the MTA should also prioritize work in a way that ensures equity in the speed of repairs across geographies and populations, and in a way that takes into consideration those enduring.NYCs crumbling MTA needs a major investment to bring it back to life and better management, as does the lirr and Metro North.We must strengthen health insurance for all New Yorkers by expanding Medicaid, prenatal education and social support.The Governor of New York is in charge of the subways.New York currently only gets 4 of its electricity from solar and wind.Once we have modern signals, well be able to run trains closer together and accommodate additional trains on chronically overcrowded lines.Its time to pass this important legislation.

Its why Andrew Cuomo wont enact a millionaires tax to increase funding for our public schools.
While the extraction of fracked gas has been banned in New York, our current leadership believes that fracked gas is a bridge to a renewable future.
These were homes lost to foreclosure where tenants now pay high rents and have no rights.