re gifted amumu

Amumu wears distinct pharaonic garments with elaborate and suitable ornamentation.
The Annie reference helps a bit though its never explained in which way.Therefore, the splash art works but in a minimal way.While the helmet has an interesting, asymmetrical and decorated design; the armour is plain and simple.The attire is quite nice covering most of his body in brown and gold.Rating : Conclusion : Re-Gifted Amumu is a very galaxy s8 gift whimsical concept that forces the notion of the unloved and avoided mummy.Not all skins are as successful at integrating this aspect of Amumu: some force the idea while others naturally integrate.Sounds : No new sounds.Therere some party elements and some sadness but in measured and limited doses.Splash Art : Little Knight Amumus splash art has a very nice background and a good depiction of the sad mummy.All in all, this is a nice portrayal with a background that barely seems to be there.Rating : Conclusion : Sad Robot Amumu is a clever take on the sad mummy that mostly ignores the source material to deliver an original reimagining of Amumu.
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Thats why, while the depiction is good, the piece strikes as a pastiche made by three different persons.
Model : New model for Amumu and new flame for the candle.
Thus, we have a splash art that knows that it has to be a spotlight but forgets about what it should be showing.
Unfortunately, the colours are a bit mute and the design is quite simple.
Rating : Conclusion : Little Knight Amumu is a caricature of an armoured knight.
Sewn Chaos Amumu, splash Screens, current, former.Particles : New particles for his abilities.Sounds are quite good.Despair looks, frankly, quite weak as a sea of flames and its a letdown.The aesthetic is stylized but in a fitting way that doesnt detract from the picture.Pharaoh Amumus splash art is a very good piece and while it doesnt amaze its much more than a simple spotlight.The microphone, like Amumu, seems superimposed on a more diffuse image and the shadows behind also appear lifted from a third piece.