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Alex made an easy 10th at Monteberg and ukteamshop coupon code is determined to set some powerful results this year.
Certainly a discount tile warehouse underwood car and a crew we hope to meet again in 2015, in the mean time we have 6h of Kortrijk first.
Very interesting, see you there!Eep Borgers dominated 2WD class, but son Marcel and frenchman Losfeld took nice points, as well as French drivers Dhaine and Marquilly.Tarmac seemed to be extremely slippy this year, with many sections having had a new layout, and perhaps a couple of cars were a bit tired too.So we can look forward to a very open rally this weekend, even the sun will be there!Plans for a full firc attack were ruined by a big off in Wervik, the car just got repaired for Hemicuda but all title hopes were gone.Despite Tendring Clacton Rally being organised the same weekend, still some twenty firc crews booked in, and with about the same number of teams in RAC Historic, almost one third of the events entries were English spoken.Jospeh discount, contact: Cassie Lewis, Leasing Professional, the Pointe.
The wildcard question was something else however.
We will only take a very short break (or possibly none) this winter, so keep a close eye to our Facebookpage, there is a lot more new stuff coming to keep you hooked.
Andy Dawe in the superfast 2WD Sunny was forced to stay at home due to ECU nightmares, while David Campling and James Ducker were there to spectate only, since their smart Escort suffered severe engine damage after ORC.
Ellis adapted surprisingly quick to the stages and took a firm lead while Clements settled in second position, waiting for things to come regarding the weather forecast.
2WD will certainly be split in two, possibly 4x4 and Historic too, depending on who turns.Unfortunately, things went badly wrong very early.Finally we have to say goodbye to two regular firc-contenders: Chris Rixon indiana gift tax rate will be out for the rest of the season due to a broken arm (and car.De Klepper is only a 10 walk from Ypres town centre, also easily accessible by car for those who stay out of the centre, with a large parking.We have five rallies again for the new season, with a great newcomer: the 6 hours of Kortrijk.The 2014 Calendar is ready too, we just wait on more news from Suikerstreek Rally.Dutch regular Borgers crashed his car with the finish in sight, also Martin De Vere-Packford didnt see the podium despite a rebuilt car.