White Reaper - You Deserve Love

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You Deserve Love Tracklist:




It's great. Just phenomenal. Really shows me people can still make music.


Sometimes we forget our roots. Amazing And Lots of Fun Power Pop.

1980s Man

White Reaper’s album is Awesome!


These guys are awesome. Power pop is getting back to its roots. I’m hearing some Cheap Trick, FOW, BOC, and Thin Lizzy. The 2019 release is so solid.


pop rock at it's finest, couple decent tunes but overall not what i expected.

Leslie Moore

These guys, and particularly this record, combine fresh power pop with a familiar sound from the past. One of the best of 2019!

whisky a go away

These guys just got tabbed as Pearl Jam's support act for 2020. The elders are paying attention, as we all should be. Can't wait to see White Reaper live! Fantastic two guitar attack gives off 70s ROA of Thin Lizzy and Cheap Trick while staying modern and vibrant. Rock isn't dead.

Gra-He 70

Very good guitar driven album. "Saturday" is a must download song. Nice little nugget after searching in a sea of turds for new music from actual musicians!




I’m just dropping this review because there are so few on this album for some reason. This is good stuff, fans of both classic rock and indie rock will enjoy


If you're a fan of retro guitar driven, upbeat rock with great melodies and vocals, you will love this album as much as I do. Thank you White Reaper!


For me, this is the most consistent album they've created, it's packed with well crafted songs but hasn't lost the attitude of their previous work. There are even traces of Thin Lizzy. A great listen if you need an injection of energy.


You Deserve Love is no ordinary album, no ordinary rock album. They achieve something greater than that title. I’ve listened to this album multiple times through, and I really started to feel like the music loves me. Its a funny feeling regarding the title, but nothing but good vibes from this album! I’d definitely recommend you check this album out! From the sweet guitar licks, thumpin bass line, grovin drums, sexy synth, and amazing vocals, it is POWER! It rocks and I am so proud to be a White Reaper fan! Congratulations Brothas! 💙💙💙


Like a blast from the past, with a twist of modern times, two tone guitars, and Keys to bathe in a refreshing sound of Rock Melodies...


Such a breath of fresh air to have musicians like White Reaper holding and running the torch of creative genius. Keep up the great work, I can’t wait to hear the entire album once all the songs are released.

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