Ward Davis - Black Cats and Crows

℗ 2020 Ward Davis Music, LLC marketed and distributed by Thirty Tigers

Black Cats and Crows Tracklist:


What an amazing story teller. Every song on this album hits your soul with truth, love or loss. Ward Davis is a credit to real country music. Thank you, Ward, for keeping true to yourself, your fans and your craft.

Ipsy Erin

This is one of the most well put together album I’ve ever listened to. The songs are AMAZING and take you on quite the emotional journey.

LP Clifton

Finally! We’ve been waiting for this album and now it’s here. Well worth the wait.


This is without a doubt the best country album of 2020.


Almost hard to believe that such a nice guy can be so talented. God surely blessed us with the ability to here Wards music.


Learn to be original, do you want to be a rapper??


THIS is what country sounds like. Ward has such a great story of dealing with adversity making it in the music industry. All that hard work finally pays off. Congratulations Ward. You have a gift and I hope more and more people listen to your music. Everyone...pour a drink, kick your feet up, and enjoy this incredible music. Thank you Ward. You have a new fan and many more to come. Keep being you.


Ward is awesome! Every song is awesome. But the actual State of Colorado ruined the song Colorado


Simple.....If this isn’t part of your music collection, you are missing out.

Geoff_ C14

Just real country music.


Ward tells a story with every song he writes. There isn’t one on here that I’d skip. Can rarely say that about an album.

Jill Ness

Been waiting for this album for awhile, and have heard some of the songs live or on livestreams. After finally getting to listen to the whole thing straight through, I’m blown away. EVERY song is amazing and there is so much emotion that comes through. A rarity - Well done, Ward.

monster in the parasol

Ward is simply amazing.


Great album. Should be nominated for best country album of the year!!!


Tremendous effort by Ward again. Whether he’s writing for himself or a tune ultimately meant for someone else to record, Ward always puts in an A+ effort and very few in the country scene can compete, and even fewer are as well rounded across writing, singing and piano/guitar as Ward. I think I preordered this album in all media types and very glad I did. I tell as many as I can about guys like Ward, Jinks and Ray Scott for all the reasons illustrated on this album.


Okay folks, All I can say is Ward is the real deal Don’t believe me, go see him live at some point in the future, I first saw him in 2017 with Cody jinks and Paul Cauthen and his live show is incredible. Buy his music and you’ll realize that every time you listen to it it just keeps getting better and better. I’ve already ordered this one, his latest soon to be released album. Ward is a special talent and he is an authentic story teller. I personally believe that he is a future country music hall of fame member. Willie and merle know why. His earlier release “15 years in a ten year town” with “Unfair weather friend” is a classic song and this new album is full of future classics. Listen to his lyrics, embrace his melodies and if you happen to be a guitar player like me. You will love his chord progressions. The mans a legend in the making.


Give em hell Ward!!! I’m a good friend of Keith Wallis. Went to UAM. Love your music. -Tyler Joe


This guy is the spirit of true country. Saw him last year with Cody Jinks and he’s got the pipes in person just the same as on record!


In the world that pop country has laid to waste there are artists like Ward fighting the good fight.