Trey Anastasio - Lonely Trip

℗ 2020 Rubber Jungle Records

Lonely Trip Tracklist:


Trey is a true artist. if you are interested in buying this than i’m fairly sure you aren’t expecting a phish record. that being said, this is a great document of a strange time period by a true master songwriter. “Never Left Home” is truly fantastic.

will the lit guy

Nothing at all original about the material presented. Guitar riffs borrowed from the great Dicky Betts (Allman Brothers) and rhythm, lyrics, and melodies lifted from Dave Mathews. Expected sooooo much more from this talenteed musician.




Awesome Trey. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Great guitar lines and interesting lyrics. Personally I would like to hear more keys, but I'm biased.

Paul Arsenault

I am in Flagstaff, Arizona and this has been just purchased with the intention of listening too as we drive thru scared Monument Valley.


During times like these. Thank you, Trey. Really beautiful melodic lines, harmonies and infectious rhythms topped with sweet riffs, licks and solos. Will not disappoint.


I never needed you like this before!