Sean Feucht - Let Us Worship - Washington, D.C.

℗ 2020 Sean Feucht Music

Let Us Worship - Washington, D.C. Tracklist:

Street of Dreams

Excellent album, I’m so thankful for this music!

j eva

Worship always goes before the battle in the Bible! You too can be a part of a powerful movement just by listening to these songs and they will marinate in your soul.


Love this album!! Getting my praise on😍

Bruce A M

This is a beautiful worship album! Listening to thousands of believers being lead in the worship of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is a taste of heaven on earth. Heavenly Father, may Your kingdom come and Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven!!


This album stirs my heart so deeply - every song. I’ve played Keturah’s declaration over her generation so many times over my own kids who are her age. There is so much power released over every song. Our family is so blessed by this album!

Terri M Paulden AZ

This album captured live is incredible. I play it on Sundays for our worship at our gatherings. Sean continues to lead the way in authentic worship and His presence comes.

podcast listener 2020

Isaiah 22:22 I will place on his shoulder the key to the house of David; what he opens no one can shut, and what he shuts no one can open.

A knights

What an amazing set of songs! I absolutely love listening to the songs while I work, walk, spend time in the house or drive.


This album is absolutely incredible! I can’t believe iTunes is’t promoting it on Christian page, but yet it still is #1 on the charts!!

Daughter 👑

Best Best Best !!! Nothing but the blood of Jesus !


Let us worship God is the movement of Jesus for today’s troubled country.


Bought this album without having heard anything from it, and the first song isn’t even halfway over and I can FEEL the anointing! Jesus is moving in our nation and around the world! God is doing amazing things and he is using Sean as part of that, but If you are reading this, YOU have a major part to play in what the Lord is doing! You are invited to partner with what God is doing- YOU make the difference and God wants to bring revival in you first, and then through you to your neighbors, your city, your nation and your world!! JESUS, WE INVITE YOU INTO OUR HEARTS AND OUR NATION!

Fish Girrllll

I cannot rate this low enough. For someone who claims to be a pro-life Christian, this tour was unacceptable. Traveling the country during a pandemic was irresponsible at best, deadly at worst. Do not support someone who willingly spread covid and is likely responsible for deaths and outbreaks because he felt “persecuted” by being told to do online church in order to help those in his community get them fun this pandemic. He truly does NOT have the love of Christ because he (and his team) cannot do the simple tasks of staying home and wearing a mask to keep OTHERS safe.


whats not to love

Bill S Houston TX

Let Us Pray ! America bless God, from sea to shining sea.


How can music make you feel hungry and full at the same time? LET US WORSHIP does! Sean does it again! Long time listener.


You can feel so much peace while listening to it I will listen to it again and again my hope is renewed ❤️❤️❤️

LI Revival

The Awakening Is Here!!🔥🔥🔥 Love this brother’s heart for God!


Look at all that covid.


This album reveals the heart of God. And especially in the times we are currently living in. Must listen to! You will Love Jesus and people more from listening to this!


My sister Donna and I was a part of this and we truly are blessed. We are in the crowd on that cover of this amazing album. God Bless everyone that was there hope everyone made it home safe.


God is on the move!


The Church is waking up 👀🔥


WOW HOW DID GOD EVER MOVE BEFORE WITHOUT SEAN’S HELP 😭 Well at least all of the proceeds of this record are going to Sean’s buying an Airstream fund, a worthy cause


This album blows any Wow Worship cd from the 90’s and 2000’s. Must download. Support and be a part of the revival God is doing in America 🇺🇸!!! Blessings to the Let us Worship peeps!


god believes in science❤️


He’s such an anointed worship leader.


Too spicy! Covid flavor too strong.


I’ve been praying for justice flow like a river through our nation, and this album feels like anthems that unify the fight.


I love this worship movement and the music! You guys are amazing!


I love this worship movement and the music! You guys are amazing!


No doubt this one is gonna be in the history books and the future.


Praise God that there is music glorifying God that’s plastered for the world to see!! Let this be heard and played for every ear to hear! Bless the name of Jesus!!


222 So much love and hope flowed through these songs!


This album & all that it represents is the hope that 2020 has been seeking so badly amidst the storm! God is in this place & His people were born to worship him! No public leader can bring unity like God can. He is the only unifying factor, because he can heal the human heart & our lives were meant to reflect him & nothing else. That is unity & perfect peace through the blood of Jesus!


Hypocrite music for people who support priests who are chomos


Best Live Worship Experience EVER!

carleigh conant

Authentic, raw, worship!


I love when Sean says it’s not about a brand, a band or any other name but Jesus. Thank you to the the team responsible for this movement and product of pure obedience. Revival is here. Let’s get bold. Let’s get wild with praise. Transformation in Christ is undeniable. He is worthy.


DC needs to worship the One True God! Jesus. Amazing Sean!


Powerful worship.




So moved listening to this live event and so happy to now be able to listen to the album! God is moving in America.

Gen Rev

An album written from Revival & awakening. Buy it and let it draw your heart closer to God!

Erin OKC

You have to get this! Revival is coming!


I watched this on live stream and I’m so happy that I can listen to it again and again! It’s uplifting and just what I need throughout the day!


So excited to listen to this album!


An incredible album of worship to our Great God. There is a movement of revival and God is preparing His laborers!


This live recording is epic! I was there and listening to this album takes me right back. This music is super blessed... there is nothing else like gathering together with lovers of Jesus Christ and raising our hearts in worship. Faith arises. Hope arises. Joy arises. Fears are smashed. We see ourselves as agents with answers rather than people swallowed up by chaos and problems. Human beings were created to worship! It is powerful and will change your life. Get this album and step into the flood of the Holy Spirit! Revival is coming and nothing’s gonna stop it!!!!!!! 💪🏼❤️🙏🏼🔥‼️