Pentatonix - We Need A Little Christmas

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We Need A Little Christmas Tracklist:

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We’ve had enough




Did no one else notice that they didn't sing the traditional order of gifts in The Twelve Days of Christmas?


By the way, it’s Christmas. CHRIST-mas. We’re not talking about that Santa Claus and getting presents-dumb stuff. Even if it’s not your religion, at least respect it.


Real music still exists through them


I’ve never been a big pentatonix fan. They’re amazing, just not really my thing. that being said, amazing grace is just so beautiful I can’t not give it 5 stars. Good job PTX


Great song


This is most definitely the best christmas album they’ve released yet!


Another great xmas album! Kirstin’s lead on Once Upon A December - B E A U T I F U L!


Why do people enjoy this garbage? Sounds awful and completely bland.


These guys are simply perfect.


Really enjoyed it but nothing with compare to your version of Mary Did You Know. Bravo though.


No thank you.


Is acappella still trendy?


Bought this the second I saw Once Upon a December!!!

emmy paige

So great!!


They’re voices are so amazing! They all have SO MUCH talent! I especially love their version of Santa Tell me 🥰 When I heard The og version, which is SOOOO Great, I was hooked on the song and When this album came out and I listened to this version for the first time I was so amazed! That’s easily my second favorite song from them following Mary did you know ❤️❤️❤️ Amazing work Loves 💕💕💕💕💕


Def was fortdptw as ewww west D from fwhere was {s da Ed daddad as e dadsdad’se I have r m


This group always sounds like food digesting in your stomach.


PTX is ALWAYS AMAZING and this album doesn’t disappoint! A song or two for everyone. My favorites are amazing grace, santa tell me, thank you, and seasons of love. We needed this album as a bright point for 2020!


Nothing new... all the same style as past projects. Unimpressed.


I love this groups Christmas CD’s, so when I saw this one, I purchased it and downloaded it. I got this one because the songs seem upbeat. I’ve been struggling listening to it, wanting to like it, but when they sing Jiminy Crickets, “When you wish upon a star,” that was it for me‼️ What the hell does Pinocchio have to freaking do with Christmas. 👎👎


i love the diversity of all the songs, and kirstin absolutely killed it on every track!


stunning. beautiful. perfect. gorgeous. outstanding. incomparable. superior.


it’s fantastic

Amy why do you care

this album definitely gets me into a holiday spirit and I will definitely be adding most of the songs to my Christmas playlist. Would definitely recommend


Their best Christmas album yet! The talent and skill in “12 Days of Christmas” is beyond words!


I really enjoyed the new original Thank You. Good job Scott. The whole album will definitely help me get into the Christmas spirit!


This album is amazing . Another album that will be one of my favorites


Pentatonix always delivers the ultimate Christmas cheer!


Seasons of love brought back fun middle school memories and Amazing Grace helped my depression of my mom’s passing. You guys really always step it up and I love listening to you guys every year🙏🏻🙏🏻 I was always depressed and had bad family Christmas memories as a kid. But you guys giving me songs to listen to, help my Christmas spirit stay alive 🤍 Love you guys!


Pentatonix never disappoints especially with their Christmas music! I know what I will be listening to tomorrow!

What A Simp!

Good singing. Good harmony. Its just not my kinda music, ig. I still love pentatonix.


They’re baaaaaaaackkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!


This arrangement is something completely different as if I’m hearing it for the first time! I gotta say I’ve been following them since the Sing Off and yet they always amaze me with every song they do! Keep it up guys!

ListenUp (~)\(~)

It's amazing how Pentatonix keeps it so fresh & exciting. Chicken skin listening to their first we Need a Little Christmas release, Amazing Grace. I'm excited to hear how the rest of the album turns out. Hope it's in time for Christmas.


Everything they saying is wonderfully done can’t go wrong with any of their music


Such beautiful voices blending in perfect harmony


Amazing Grace reimagined. Beautiful and touching, as only Pentatonix can sing it. ❤️


Wow wow wow wow wow wow!

Lindsey Tong

I wasn’t expecting much... IT WAS SO AMAZING... the arrangement HIT DIFFERENT

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