Neon Trees - I Can Feel You Forgetting Me

℗ 2020 Thrill Forever, LLC

I Can Feel You Forgetting Me Tracklist:


Songs are fire!


Nights sets the bar for an amazing album. Been listening to this nonstop.


Tyler is at his best here! Amazing album.


You won’t regret this album. It’s amazing! 🥰🥵

Its a review dummy

there back


Wow!!! What an amazing album. No offense, but I didn’t expect something like this. I think it’s the best neon trees album and I played Picture Show to death. Not one bad song. Just wish there was more. Neon Trees are back and better than ever. Thank you for taking me away from the madness. Thank you for such a great album. Thx for the music. True artists!!

pats 911

Such an amazing album! 80’s vibes all the way through - perfect for the Summer.

Surprised is all I have to say! Every song is good...Great job Neon Trees what a comeback! Living Single is my favorite song here.


This album is hitting all the right places at just the right time. So good. I’ve always loved these guys, but this is something else.


Neon Trees has been my favorite band since Animals & they just keep getting better! I love the melodies & lyrics on their new record. I’m more than satisfied:)


This is Neon Trees at their best. Gives off vibes of their first album. They're back!


Neon Trees is back and they sound amazing!


Good songs, very easy to listen to. But it sounds very digital and impersonal. Seems like the bass and drums have been replaced by machines. These are the elements that made Habits and Picture Show so brilliant. Where did Brandon and Elaine go?


This album is amazing, another masterful musical work by Neon Trees and quite possibly their best one yet!


Love the album! It’s definitely worth the 6 year wait. 👻👻👻


Such an amazing album. Can’t get enough

DanielD DD DDoll

Great work, Neon Trees! What a wonderful comeback! All of these songs are golden! No skips!

Robbie Stanton

Love you guys! You guys are one of my favorite artist! Keep making great music!

1980s Man

The Neon Trees are finally back