Larkin Poe - Kindred Spirits

℗ 2020 Tricki-Woo Records

Kindred Spirits Tracklist:

Gra-He 70

Best cover album to come out in along time. Just 2 voices and 2 guitars ,bare bone perfection. Interesting takes on classic songs. Well done as usual!


They SO DESPERATELY need a full time drummer. Not a percussionist. They need a real drummer. Yhey write great songs ( i know this album is covers) but most of their songs feel incomplete and I am waiting for them to kick in and they never do. The prior album was an improvement. This one with no drums... :(

Daryn K.

This is going to be epic!

Michael I 77

It doesn’t matter which album by these women that you listen to. You will not be able to hold still for any song on any of their albums. Unbelievable sound! Funky, R&B,bluesy, hard driving southern rock! By any of their albums you will not be sorry! I need to see this band concert!


What a great Album! Love these Girls!

queen of dopeville101

I pre ordered no way I’m waiting till November 20 😂