Koe Wetzel - Sellout

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Love this album! A mix of a little bit of everything. He’s proving he is anything but a sell out.


sellout plain and simple is the most diverse and out there thing today. koe lays it all out for us and doesn’t hold back on this album. he’s nothing but himself throughout this album. he always finds a way to make his music sound different with finding a way to relate and hit home with the people who listen.


Way overproduced music! Don't need anymore music being labeled country music when its place SHOULD BE in pop and or hip hop! Lyrically speaking some of the songs are decent, but forget about this edm, disco, dance, loops, and "snap" beats. Does nothing for the genre whatsoever!


Idk what these idiots are talking about the same koe as always😂


It’s different. Took a couple days for me to get into it but now I’m kinda a fan of it. Don’t think it’d be everyone’s taste by any means though.


The majority of this album sounds like the pop country that red dirt is supposed to be opposite from. His previous albums were more red dirt sounding


Shouldn’t be classified as country. Shows your intelligence with four letter words on every song. Anyone can do that, show you have some talent!!


Changing the game...

Judge fudge 123

Found Koe a few months back, and bought a few of his albums and singles, it’s a refreshing change from the same 20 pop country songs you hear on the radio.


dude is so good


Been a long time coming. I’m so happy with this new album! Koe and band you’ve done it again friends. 😽stealing my heart one track at a time!


so proud of him!


Singles pre-released were very good, the rest of the album is hot garbage. Not sure what direction he was headed with this album but I don’t like it.


Hard to write because I absolutely love Koe but I’m sure not where things are steered on this Album. Some songs are great.... and more unfortunately are just... well I don’t even know. There’s a certain darkness to a few which koe generally provides and they stand out as the albums top bangers... the rest sound sloppy... or as if koe lost that grit and sadness that made him great. Lack of emotion replaced with bellowing as if right now he’s just trying to make it work instead of feeling it. It ultimately sounds smashed together and jumbled. I still love and welcome and new music. But I think this is the wrong direction. I have faith as tracks like Sundy still cling on to the feel and pure emotion he generally emits. Please don’t lose that.

Steph glitzy!

Never disappoints 🔥


Koe is my future ex husband.



countryboy 14

Wheres the high energy bangers like Ragweed was on the Harold Saul High Album??


The folks that are giving this album 1 star are the same people that think Florida Georgia Line and Luke Bryan are real country music artists. Koe Wetzel has created a much needed change in country music. Artists like Koe Wetzel is what makes this genre of music so great.


Love the gritty rock country vibe. Keep on keepin on Koe.




People saying it’s pop country obviously don’t know Texas red dirt. I hear ‘90s rock mixed with country. I don’t hear no computer generated beats and country rap that the Nashville sell outs like Luke Bryan uses. And it’s rare to find a good “country” singer who is real and doesn’t censor them selves.


Jared is an awesome drummer, and although it’s the complete opposite of Koe, you should check out Fit For A King!


Sloppy lyrics to go along with pop country sound. Koe’s latest song is proof positive that he is settling in nicely among the other pop “country” artists that now call Nashville home.


What? That is all it's worth.

Hookem Tim



Everything he puts out is great from first song to last can’t wait to hear more !


Not really country music. More rock than anything, but still pretty good.


I just found this guy not too long ago bc i lve to support texas country artist and this is album is lookijg to be an instant classic in your sound system.

Alex Scheidt

No one’s better than Koe