King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - K.G.

℗ 2020 KGLW

K.G. Tracklist:


This album has lots of good riffs in tasty packages. Last song on the album is the greatest song ever written by humans! Rock on Gizz!


If you love Gizz, you’ll love this album. It’s catchy and weird which seems to be their trademark.


Honestly do we need any further proof that King Gizzard is one of the best bands to break out in the last few years? No less than 7 albums, 4 live albums and now we get two in 2020? All the singles so far have been strong, particularly Straws In The Wind. And not only that, it's a continuation of the exploration of the microtonal tuner that gave us Flying Microtonal Banana (the album that gave us Rattlesnake) so I will be expecting great things from this album! KGATWL for life!


Stu turned into a robot that’s it.