John Williams - Home Alone (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) [25th Anniversary Edition]

℗ 1990 Twentieth Century Fox, under exclusive license to Sony Music Entertainment

Home Alone (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) [25th Anniversary Edition] Tracklist:


I love your move


Now that’s a Christmas Album

Trust and Us



Home alone

Emily 72020


ًدًلظس سصه

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UBs House

There are only a couple of the songs from the movie on this. Most of it is the full version of the orchestra sound tracks used in key parts of the movie. Very disappointed!!!

Rose 220

I love this show my family and Me watch it ever year.


This always brings joy to my life hearing this soundtrack. John Williams is such a talented composer.


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Great movie great music!


awesome score a blast from the past


The music from Home Alone immediately evokes a time and feeling for the Christmas holidays. John Williams beautifully captures the time of the season with a dash of fun and escapism that perfectly fit this classic family film. This music works anytime of the year... a must have for film music aficionados like myself and people who love heartfelt classical-style music.

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