John Fogerty - Fogerty's Factory (Expanded)

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Nothing worse than when fascists whine about great American music.


‘Love the music, and agree with his politics. I bought it because a couple of other “fans” didn’t quite like what Fogerty had to say about certain racists using his music at rallies. And one of them called it ‘whiny socialist music.’ ‘Probably doesn’t know what Socialism really is. Anyway, saw him live before Covid, and he’s still rocking the energy into his 70s. Amazing. Looking forward to City of New Orleans when Apple downloads gets it act together.


Nothing worse than whiney Socialist music.


To tell somebody with a conscience, a soul, with real blood running through her or his veins, with a decent supply of grey cells in her or his nut - to tell such a one to stay out of politics is like telling fish not to swim. You cannot take one single breath without it being political. May I translate: People telling people "to stay out of politics" are in reality saying "stop thinking and acting in ways which threaten my sleep".

Eric in the ATL

Expecting a musician or any artist to keep his political views to himself is just plain absurd. It’s a form of expression for crying out loud!

Shicken Licks

I’ve always loved CCR and John’s solo stuff. If you want people to buy your music, you should watch what you say and stay out of the politics publicly.

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