Ingrid Andress - Lady Like

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Lady Like Tracklist:


It is nice to listened to such a solid album. Great songs throughout!

i ndy


Karl Zuk

During my usual prowls around the bestseller lists I came across Ingrid Andress, someone I had never heard of before. I listened to the teaser clip of her song 'More Hearts Than Mine' and immediately proceeded to YouTube to see the video. A brilliant song with a deeply personal flair, I was completely hooked on the last line of her chorus: 'If we break up, I'll be fine...but you'll be breaking more hearts than mine.' Wow. As Ingrid explains it, she is very close to her family. Completely enjoying her life along with the lives of everyone that surrounds her is her joy and passion. Family is a number one priority and what she does with her life affects them all. Now you know what one line means! Ingrid's persona encourages you to respect her strong self-esteem and assertiveness but if you listen to her lyrics you also become aware of her sensitivity and vulnerability. Listen more for a surprising reveal: She can be fragile, too. She doesn't want you to know that. Or maybe she does. Her songs enjoy these two layers. Happy or sad? Just toss back a shot of tequila and think about it. You'll understand later! Ingrid's songs are sometimes a tease. This is a very smart lady who knows how to paint a picture and tell a story with confidence. She will tell you just so much and then leave you guessing about the details. You could think up a million scenarios about what her songs really portray and they would probably all be wrong...but it sure was fun dreaming them up! This universality makes her work so appealing to so many. If I knew you were going to be taking a long flight, I would offer you some of her tracks and challenge you to figure them out. It would be better than any crossword or Sudoku puzzle. Listen to her lyrics and let your imagination get lost in it. What was she trying to tell you? What did she feel? Warner Music first dropped three of Ingrid's best tracks on an EP called 'The Rosebank Acoustic Sessions.' You'll find them refreshingly pristine and simple. Ingrid's voice is up front, dominant and clear without distractions. No clutter allowed! The songs are framed so you can concentrate on her stories. I'm glad they did! Last March, we were gifted with another eight tracks (including the three we already knew) but this enchilada was loaded with toppings and dressings. Now the mixes are much more complex but the songs still shine through. I would much rather enjoy hearing Ingrid in an intimate club - just her and her keyboard. The lyrics are much more important and interesting than overbearing multi-layers of synthesis and accompaniment. Don't get me wrong. This collection was much tastier than the first! The last song of the release is also the name of the disc: 'Lady Like.' Here she paints herself sarcastically as a pirate, but leaves you wondering about what really goes on in her heart. Signature Ingrid at the helm. I love the song 'Anything but Love.' Envision this: 'One more whiskey sip till this bottle turns into a phone call. One more cigarette till this parking lot turns into your front lawn.' Still, the unforgettable tune here remains 'More Hearts Than Mine.' I could go on for hours. Ingrid really is like a tall glass of her beloved tequila. Oh, it can bite but it can also make you feel so warm and sweet. Just listen to her!


I don’t know if this counts but I went to the concert you opened in. All your music was amazing and your voice is amazing and the lyrics were amazing. And it was all just awesome. I think you’re going to get really popular someday!

cool cook29

Love this album, love this new girl in country music, country music needs more strong women and it’s a phenomenal debut album, love more hearts than mine powerful debut no. 1.

Chan cakes

I’m am just a kid but my mother made me listen to it an I fell in love with it I sang it to my mother and she loved it I told her I would have done it at a talent show but School was canceled so next year


Every song is special in its own way. She has this soulful, crisp, a little bit raspy voice that gives you goosebumps. Lyrics are very good. My personal favorite is Life of the Party( especially that intense high note chorus at the end! wow. ) I also love Both, The Stranger, and Lady Like. Can’t wait for another album.

arcadia max mills truman

This is the country I love: introspective, thoughtful, and occasionally sad.

Hershey Kind the fifth

Most of the songs were good except lady like.

Moody 4

These songs speak right to your heart. Finally someone has something honest and original to say.


The production is amazing on this album. Ingrid is so talented!!! You go girl!

si da guy

And they are all so flat


Ingrid Andress is epic! As SOON as I heard more heart’s than mine, I LLLLOOOOVVVEEEEDDD it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I.A. Is awesome 😎! U GO GIRL! GIRLS 💁‍♀️RUNTHE WORLD!🌎

Nuke 52

I very rarely buy an entire album but this was the exception. Many of the songs touched my heart. I see a great career for Ingrid Andress.


Her music is pure and seems already so iconic. She is one of the few country artists that doesn’t put out systematic music and her emotions prevail in every single song. If you’re emotional you’ll definitely cry to it. LOVE IT


Dolly Parton you aint, in more ways than one. One of the most Ill titled albums of the year so far.

Ardent music lover

Great opening album, 5 super strong songs.


Ladylike was ok but the rest of it was boring. I wouldn't buy it.


This album is awesome 💜💜💜🌙🌙🌙


Awesome album - adding to my road trip mix!


This album makes me want to drink a bottle of tequila to forget every stupid boy.


“More Hearts Than Mine” and “Bad Advice” are definitely my favorites, I love the different flavors and tones she brings in with the instrumentals, the only flaw is it’s short length, hopefully it will be extended.


One of the best new country artists, male or female, to come around in a LONG time. Ingrid’s songwriting on this album is so honest, real, & truly beautiful. ‘Lady Like’ will be on repeat for a VERY long time!


She is a musical mastermind. I absolutely love this album! It’s so catchy and the lyrics r so emowering


Really Solid album. Ingrid just landed on my "music radar" earlier this year, and I pretty much became an instant fan. I expect that she will continue to have much success in her songwriting and performing endeavors. Really talented Artist. Congratulations on your success thus far, Ingrid!

Rachael Donn

Another Boring pop diva but this time there's a catch!...she got a unibrow!


This is flat out awful and only 8 songs. This album was over hyped. Wonder how many times today I will have to listen to more hearts than mine on the radio. Most over played song ever!!!



Peanut op

Wish it was longer!


This is an awesome debut album. Ingrid perfectly shows us her personality and invites us into her world with powerful yet conversational songwriting and production that’s just so satisfying to listen to. My only real complaint is how short it is! I can’t wait for her future projects, I really hope she makes it big.

Mysterygirl 911

Saw her live and I love her!! She’s amazing.


She has that soulful voice that makes you re think your whole life 😂. Love this girl. Pure talent.