In This Moment - Mother

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Mother Tracklist:


This album wasn’t as strong as it should of been! Or as I thought it was going to be. Some of the songs are pretty catchy though!


I don't understand why this album is getting bad reviews,I think it's they're best yet! Maria is always incredible,she can't do no wrong! Absolutely incredible,buy it!!!


Such a huge fan of this band... I really tried to like this album, but just couldn't. I'm realizing the high point for this band was "Blood" and "Black Widow." Since then, its been sliding downhill. I would love a little more straightforward sexy, dark metal. More real guitar and less ProTools butchery.


Oh and way to take a giant crap on a legendary song.


ITM is trying so hard to reach new listeners by including 3 cover songs that they aren't doing enough to deliver what core fans want. The heaviest album since Blood? Where are songs like Adrenalize or Sick Like Me or even Roots or River of Fire? The In-Between is the best song on the album and As Above So Below is solid but the rest is just disappointing. Guitars are hidden behind synthesizers and the drummer has given up and just uses a drum machine and worst of all Maria doesn't sound passionate on most songs. Lzzy outshines her on We Will Rock You, including playing the guitar solo. Very disappointing.


I just recently got into In The Moment. It seems after Blood they went more into ballads and Nu Metal. I still like the album. After reading how much the group went through with people passing away in their lives I definitely understand wanting to make a more upbeat album. It isn’t a classic but as someone who just got into the band I know the next album will be scream, and metal heavy!!


Long gone are the days when ITM actually released metal albums...or good albums for that matter. I don’t know what happened!? This band used to be so gooooood!!! Maria has such powerful vocals and skills. It’s a rarity when you can find a signer that can sing AND scream with such talent and it was great! Combine with with actual good metal music to back it up. They were amazing to see live. We’ll all that is now nothing but a fare off memory. They aren’t even half they band they used to be. This new mainstream/pop version of them is trash. I guess money was more important to them than their true fans and the passion they seems to once have for the music. RIP ITM.


You guys rock and keep getting better.


I get that bands want to experiment with different styles. but after the Blood album I just couldn’t get into their sound anymore. I love that album start to finish and wish they’d go back to the feel of that album. Maria is ridiculously talented but it’s ruined by this manufactured sound. “Mother” is the only track I can get into on this one. All the other songs sound the same to me. I feel like they got caught up in getting all theatrical on stage with a horror theme and it took their focus away from the music. They picked their style and are trying to write to that style. Disappointing.


Probably the best album that came out since "A Star-Crossed Wasteland", but even then "Mother" dosen't come even close to par which is a shame because they put so much time and effort in promoting the album that I was expecting far more than what they actually put out. I appreciate the sentimentality in the songs Maria Brink dedicates to her loved ones, but then it all gets ruined by these cover songs that feel like filler music. If they had more songs that were consistent with the theme of rememberance from those we love/lost and the strength we gain from them to replace the covers and the songs that have nothing to do with that concept, maybe this would feel more like a complete album. In my opinion anyways.


Slowly losing interest since Blood. The In-Between seemed promising.... but nope!! Those covers are horrible!!!!! Maybe since I love the originals I’m biased but I cannot listen to these again!! I guess I will just keep listening to Blood and Beautiful Tragedy if I want to hear good ITM...


No more words needed.


I’m not sure where all of the bad reviews are coming from. I like it when an artist grows and changes, and they let their music tell what is going on in their life; they let their music tell their story. Not go with what the major industry is telling them to do. Take for example, Jonathan Davis’s solo album. It was still Jonathan very much in tones, but he took risks, experimented, and if you actually listened to what he had to say, he told a story to his current life, his opinions, and what was going on in the world at that time. It was relevant. Lady Gaga, for example, is another one famous for perusing the genres. People don’t always like it when an artist that is famous for one thing branches out of their “norm” to venture into something else. However, these musicians that are truely ARTISTS are free to explore, create, and be just that... ARTISTS. They don’t have to stick with the usual. I feel that ITM did this on the last two albums. While many complain that it doesn’t sound like the “old” ITM, no, it doesn’t. However, they aren’t the same people that they were during the phase when they were writing those past albums. They’ve grown, adapted; the world has changed around them; things have happened to them; read the description that Maria gave for each song and its reasoning on the intro to this album. Each of these songs has deep meanings to her and/or the band members. That makes the lyrics special. I’m a HUGE alternative music fan because that genre gives musicians freedom to be themselves. So, let the artists do what they want, sit back, listen to the music, the lyrics, how it flows together, and what the artists are trying to say. Stop judging so much. Maria’s voice is just as beautiful here as ever before. This is a masterpiece. <3


As a huge fan of your earlier work I was hesitant about this new album living up to your previous amazing work. Well I have to say as I sit here listening to your new album I can say you have done such a great job on this and I’m so excited to see you live with your newest work!


The first time I heard ITM was live in Mt. Pleasant, MI last summer. I was blown away!! I went home and bought every album that night. I love listening to the change and development in their music from oldest to newest. There is something so unique about ITM. This album is awesome! It left me hungry for more!! Please don’t listen to the haters. I know everyone has an opinion, but why do people have to be such ugly dicks??


My first review didn’t post I’ll just say , My favorite band a trillion % I hope to see them in person . 🙏


We get it, if you like any metalcore elements you’re not a real metal fan, you’re a poser, blah blah blah. Listen, this album sounds nothing like their earlier work, and yes I loved their more classic metal sound back then too. But this is a maturing band driven to work new lyrical ground (“Mother” really stands out) and define their sound as artists who clearly love what they’re doing. If you’re too much of a metal purist you’ll miss out on great songwriting, and this is great songwriting. Thanks for the beautiful album ITM. Stand out tracks: “Fly Like An Eagle”, “Legacy”, “Mother”, “The In Between”


Review as of April 27th, 2020 Very interesting album to say the least for Mother by In This Moment... it takes a while to get used to but when you can enjoy it for what it is, then you will see how strong Maria Brink & Company can do and shine in some parts. Review is a good 3 out 5 stars for me 🙂 Stand Out Songs: The In-Between We Will Rock You (strong tribute song) As Above, So Below Hunting Grounds


What happened? Nobody has ever asked for a itm cover.


What the hell is this? It’s not a statement at all it’s just all the worst facets of poser metal thrown together. Nobody asked for this.


This made my ears bleed within the first 5 seconds.


This album was way too slow and one-note. They definitely have talent, but I think they've missed the mark with this release. If you're new to this band, check out their previous releases before exploring this one.


Hot Garbage


Knowing the capabilities of Maria Brinks voice this album is, to put it lightly, a disappointment. You don’t need to embellish something that was amazing to begin with. They need to go back to their roots and ditch the electronic synthesized junk. I agree with another reviewer, this is “hot garbage”!


They shld be considered Progressive not Metal anymore🤯


They will never be as good as they were on the blood album.

Tia Lorraine

Well, you know what they say—Opinions are like buttholes. Everybody has one... Some are more stank than others.

Mama Suz 16

Great album


I saw ITM released a new album and I quickly jumped to iTunes to listen. Their pay three albums have been great so I was expecting this one to be too. It sounds like they did a bunch of cover songs without actually being cover songs and labeled them something new. Incredibly disappointed.


No this is pop garbage


tbh this album isn't perfect but it's still fantastic, the only issues i have with it is the fact there's three covers on it (the covers aren't bad but still, there should have been more original content). it's evident in this moment doesn't want to do metalcore anymore and i really wish people would respect that. they're still a metal band and they're exploring other genres such as industrial, electronic, pop and a little bit of goth and honestly? this works best for them. i love their earlier albums but they'd get boring quickly if every album sounded like beautiful tragedy and followed the same generic melodic metalcore/alt metal formula. yes, i will admit they're not doing the most groundbreaking and original stuff now but feel like what they're doing now helps maria express herself more as well as the rest of the band. if you don't dig it, get your opinion out and move on. the first three albums still exist and if you miss the "old ITM" so much then listen to old ITM 🤷🏻‍♀️

britney's # 1 fan

I think this is brilliant and unique

Jason Paul

Barely listenable pat the In -Between. This record may have done them in. Unless they would come back STRONG they will be just lumped in with the rest of mainstream sellouts...FFDP..Shinedown....3 Days Grace...Disturbed etc.


By far the best In This Moment release to date. I can’t stop listening to it. Not a bad song on the entire release.


ITM is running on fumes...... Time to stop touring and smoozing and take a break from the action.....this is an epic failure. Not only is the song writing terrible...the mix is terrible. In a nut shell I'm out....


Such generic sound and super uninteresting. I’m having a hard time trying to find 1 song on this album to pull me into liking it.. go back and listen to their older stuff which is by far better

from who knows where

Less screaming and head banging than their usual stuff, really sounds good to listen to instrumentally and vocally. Great cover songs also!


This album had so much potential to be good, unfortunately it is the worst thing this band has ever done. Every song is so predictable, the lyrics are cringy and poorly written, and the whole thing just feels like a big gimmick. They need to stop with the theatrics and focus on writing better music. And don’t even get me started on the We Will Rock You cover😩🤢


It’s ok. The IN-BETWEEN, AS ABOVE SO BELOW and LAY ME DOWN are the only songs that are keeping the album together. I was hoping they would’ve done more heavier/aggressive songs like their other albums.


Does anyone remember when these guys combined killer riffs with catchy vocals that ranged from clean signing to guttural screams? Good old-fashioned Metal? Well those days are long gone and so is my interest in this band. Piping hot garbage.


Incredibly haunting in all of the best ways. Listen to the story from beginning to end! Such a journey they provide!


I’ve been a fan of ITM since 2007 and honestly I’m strained to say I’ll ever buy another album from them. This album had one good song, the rest sounded like they were ritual rejects they re-used. They didn’t need anymore cover songs or interludes. Like Ritual I found this album very mediocre and it doesn’t seem like the band is putting much creative effort behind it either similar to Ritual.

Grave Hunty

Miss the screams and vocal work without the electronic so much during main vocal parts but the sound is great and I love the vibes. I enjoy the strong female messages and empowering messages


The single is the album. The rest is just...i don't know. Just not what i was waiting for to want to buy.


Download “The In-Between” and safe the rest of your money. Sorry, but not what I expected. I was looking for metal and not a lullaby. Unfortunate


I got four tracks in and was crying and had chills. The rest of the album just shined beauty. I love ITM so much and every album is different and unique, with slight nods to the past. So good 🖤


Those 2 words say it all. I've seen them several times in concert. Hope they don't try playing any of these song.


Huge fan since their album in 2008, I still love them but these past two albums have me like “ok... where did in this moment go?”. I know they wanted to go more mainstream and what not.. I don’t know.. I wish them the best with their new style they’ll gain new fans but their older fans will start to lose interest. There was about 3 songs on this new album that I purchased and one was a cover. I wish them the best but sadly, I won’t be purchasing the rest of this album.


into my ears


When I previewed we will rock you goosebumps threw my spine. Enough said!