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Great job on this album..


Finally good music


I still remember when i saw Huey interviewed and he said his hearing was going. It was heartbreaking to hear but i thought about Huey & the News’ music legacy and was so glad for all of their recordings. Discovering this new album on iTunes made my heart happy! I like every song on this album!!! Thank you, Huey Lewis & the News!

VRM Trey

“Her love is killin me” is awesome as seeing Michael Keaton and Brandon Flowers in the video adds to it.

bill cosby puddin pops

I love every song on this album it’s a must have


This album is classic HL&N. Even a little country in one song. I saw an interview he just did with Dan Rather where he wanted 10 songs, but with his hearing getting worse he wanted to get the 7 out they had finished. Thank you so much, guys, for one more stellar album. Every bit as good as the others, might actually be my favorite, well maybe behind Picture This. God bless and hoping for the best for the band.


I love this and now want more from Huey. Pretty Girl is fantastic!


With all the other pop crap out there, I was to happy to see Huey Lewis and the News put out a new album. I love hearing the horn sections in his music. Solid sound through all these years.

Veronica H96

Huey and the News: you guys rock as hard as ever. I hope to see you perform this stuff in concert. Stay safe, love you always. Your sound is unmatched and great as ever.


WOW! Solid album of great songs. I am very happy to have a new and excellent album from Huey Lewis and the News. The arrangements are so smooth and his voice really resonates solidly making every song fun and just great. And as another fan noted: You've still got it Huey!!!! Thank you for giving us another collection of great songs to enjoy.


Great to hear you again! So glad for this collection of new songs. WELCOME BACK GUYS! Awesome sound always fresh. :)

Paul the Disnerd

A perfect follow up to that beautiful album’ “Plan B”, “Weather” continues that smooth band sound with the velvety vocals that we love from our frontman. Like they never left the studio, the band is hot in every track. Welcome back, boys!


Great voice! Great songs! Well worth the wait. Just watched on Kelly Clarkson. What an amazing story. You are an inspiration! Break a leg with your Broadway Music “The Heart of Rock and Roll”!!

Milwaukee Loves FFF

Classic Sound, Great Tunes!


Reminiscent of old and new style and feel. Huey and the band sound magnificent as usual. I love Huey and am so happy this was released, hope your hearing issue resolves but what I’m hearing is a true gift. Thanks for the new drug.

Wheel Smallz

I love him, he is precious, legendary, epic, and truly, one of the boys.

Fin fan NY

Love the new album. “I am there for you” is such a great song. I truly hope this isn’t the end. Huey is “The only one”.




I feel for Huey and his current medical struggles but this album really misses the mark.


Great CD, except for the country song!....first two songs are my favorites. Keep it coming Huey.


heard the L word diff'rent

DJ Guy

I hope Huey gets cured of the ear problems, how sad is that? This album is really good for whatever reason it came together, be it a desire to do so, some bucks in the bank or people begging for one more. If you were over ten years old in 1982, you should give this a listen.

Kora Burke

Great way to end career. Awesome sound!


Youth is wasted on the young. The music is certainly better than most of the homogenized and ghetto garbage out today.

Amanda Lochmann

Sounds like you guys never left us fans and the 80s behind :’)

michol kim

No longer a fan after this debacle


The boys are back! Nearly two decades of waiting for new material and it was fully worth the wait for this fan. Much love to band, the album is a nice gem. Perfect item for my collection!

Whoa Cuz

This band played a huge music role in the Novel (which became a film) *American Psycho* .......hard to read, hard to watch...............even tougher to listen to. 🙉


The weather is caused by my mommy she is Mother Nature and beloved you are stealing her fan base you should read nay yea they prove my science perfectly


Welcome back Huey and the News!! This is a great comeback album. Even though Huey has hearing issues it is not evident in any of these new, dynamic, and energized songs. There isn't a bad one in the bunch. An excellent addition to the News catalog!!!

Go On A Journey

Can’t wait to hear Huey’s last album...seen him in concert a few times, and puts on a great show.


Omg This was one pop group I wasn’t expecting to be back, not only are they back but they feel better than ever! And their new album may change the weather!


I didn’t even have to listen to the album to be excited to see Huey’s back! But, luckily for me, I listened to it!


Love this excellent new album and they rode the full gamut of their sound. Rock, blues, pop, and soul. Huey still has it and that distinctive sound will never get old. Only hope that he can solve the issues with tinnitus so he can hit the road again. They are long overdue to be enshrined in the Rock Hall. Hopefully 2021 is their year.

no nickname avaialbe

Thanks you Huey for putting out this new album. SOunds like I am back in the 80's and I love it. Plus I can relate to your new songs. Up beat and relevant. Way to go


The album coming in at just under 30 minutes due to Huey Lewis’s well documented hearing issues that didn’t allow them to continue with additional tracks. However, this short album entry offers their full range of sounds from their 80s hit sounds, to their likeness for covers, and even going off the path with a country/folk entry. Flows nicely through the half hour of sound, and easily supplies fans with some other greatest hits entries.

TCB Forever

It's great to hear Huey back recording again..Even though this could very well be his last studio album due to his hearing disease, I personally like the album very much and I wish Huey all the best and hope this album goes to number 1 for him! He definitely deserves it!


I used to hear you for free at college on Friday afternoons.... got me hooked then. Love your music.


While We're Young shoud be everyone's theme song. This could be Huey's last one but it's a great one!!


Huey- This is so welcome! Like Crowded House sang “every you go, take Weather w/you”. “Your Love is Killing Me” (what a great oxymoron and even greater song). Don’t miss this album. Best wishes, Huey!!!


It’s awesome hearing new HLN, great songs adding to a stellar legacy.


Great album with excellent sound quality. Huey and the band are top notch as always!! It’s too bad this music is no longer mainstream!! Thanks for the music!!!


It is very sad to hear that Huey lewis is losing his hearing! I have been a fan of his for a very long time! Giving it 5 stars because of his long term career of entertaining millions of fans all oveer the world!!! Will always be a fan Huey!!!!! Best of luck in your career!!!!!!!

Light of my Life!

Love the first track✔️ Mixes it up a bit, which I like — Pure Talent. Huey along with his band are a Master Class in pure Rock & Roll🕶🎧


One Of my favorite bands... songs already stuck in my head Great job guys..


Welcome back Huey!!!


Solid heart and soul. It may only be 7 songs but those 7 are all hit singles. It's totally a greatest hits of brand new material. If you have ever like Huey Lewis, do not pass this up.

All Music For Me

It's so wonderful to hear new music from Huey and the News. I love these songs and hope that there will be alot more. I surely missed your music


Sorry to hear about your hearing Huey, but, you still got it my friend!!