Gwen Stefani - You Make It Feel Like Christmas (Deluxe Edition - 2020)

℗ 2020 Interscope Records

You Make It Feel Like Christmas (Deluxe Edition - 2020) Tracklist:


Sounds cheerful, like Gwen. I will enjoy listening to this, I need something uplifting this year. And a great price.


She’s not the best singer but she is better than a lot of people. Honestly I would stick to hollaback girl. She doesn’t have the best Christmas voice. He voice is kinda annoying sorry but it’s the truth.


There must be someone else out there to focus on...yawning 😏🤭🥱

Electric Skydog

These songs have the love and happiness that is the wonder of Christmas.


Not horrible; not delightful either. Boring.


Such a warm fuzzy feeling, her music is so iconic, especially with Blake.🥺❤️

blake shelton number 1 fan

Horrible Gwen is horrible 🤮and ugly I feel bad for Blake

a true gaga fan

This is a Christmas album. It will truly make you smile and weep of joy, definitely purchasing this album


“Here This Christmas” is a wonderful addition to an already stellar collection of Christmas tunes. I hope the album sticks around for many more holiday seasons


Just another product with an annoying voice.


This is the best album we’ve heard in a very long time. It’s definitely our “go to” holiday music this season.


Gwen, enough with the Christmas music. Go back to No Doubt.


Listening to this album especially during this tough year, it’s been so uplifting that it makes me smile and happy. With the new release, we get two new songs, which help add another layer to this already wonderful album. Great music, Gwen. 😘