FINNEAS - Blood Harmony

℗ 2019 OYOY

Blood Harmony Tracklist:


This album is incredible, can’t stop listening. FINNEAS is a musical genius and so talented, cannot wait to see what he does next!

Dulce Hernandez

every single time i listen to this album, i discover another gem. truly a masterpiece from beginning to end. i can’t wait for finneas to release a full length album.


Didn’t even hesitate to purchase it, it’s amazing Finneas keep moving, your talent—🥺💜💜


Finneas is incredible. Loved this debut, especially “I Lost a Friend”. I highly recommend you go watch the music video. It’s hauntingly beautiful.


Love everything about this album and FINNEAS from the tone of his voice, the lyrics, the melodies, just everything!


I am a huge fan of Finneas’s lyrics and music. It’s easy to fall into the music and be surrounded by feelings. He reminds me of a mix between Sting and Morrissey.


I need more finneas! One of the best lyrics it’s that I can think of.


He’s such a good producer/songwriter. Seriously could listen to his voice forever.


This is a great album. Buy it now.






You feel and hear his heart through these. He deserves all the success in the world, the pure talent is beautiful. Glad he’s getting his moment now, well, he’s always it, but now the spotlight is on him. Love it 😍


Loving how different your sound is from mainstream stuff. FINNEAS and Billie Eilish are BOTH phenomenal artists. Huge fan


I’d like to say that “I don’t miss you at all” is NOT a breakup song like described above but I story of new love, that he misses the girl he’s just getting to know and wants to see her again soon. Love the whole album.


Accidentally fell upon this album while going through iTunes. Listened to a few songs and the music is just very beautifully written. Each one is very musically pleasing to listen to. Very mellow and beautifully done.


He is so good! Smooth voice!

Firestorm 2

This EP is so good for someone who hasn’t even released an album yet.


‘Partners in Crime’ has potential, but the production ruined the melody. This is “that guy that sings on the mini stage near the patio seating every Thursday at a restaurant in the ‘burbs” caliber. (I know, his sister’s pre-teen fans are throwing out 5 star reviews in allegiance to their god, B*llie, but they also accept her speaking her lyrics in a whisper and call that ‘singing,’ so take it with a grain of salt...& tequila, if you can’t escape)

Hi Everyone People

I don’t know how to describe it but I guess these songs sort of make me feel like I’m deeply in love. Give this album a chance. It more than deserves it.


This EP, his voice, words, essence, and everything is absolutely amazing. This is a 10/10! all his songs are beautiful and sweet. Wonderful job Finneas. (my favorite song is Partners in Crime)

worst app ive ever had

They all sound like something I’ve heard before and nothing is special about it


I love this so much. Hope Finneas goes far!

Firebreathing Stormer

The second I first heard "Break My Heart Again" I knew Finneas was something special. I've listened to every song he has uploaded to YouTube and I was so excited he decided to release an EP! My personal favorite is I Lost a Friend - it's just so emotional and beautiful and the lyrics are painfully relatable. And Shelter is another outstanding track! Actually, every song on this EP is great, and I'm excited to see where FInneas goes next!

Anthony Myer

How does one go about explaining how authentic this masterpiece is. I was looking forward to every release on YouTube. To now be able to hear the whole album creates this story that I can connect to. This is the solution to the internal struggle of turning what’s on my mind into admirable lyrics.


Finneas literally NEVER disappoints. He shines as the powerhouse behind Billie Eilish, and in his own music. Powerful, whimsical, and chilling, all rolled into one fabulous songwriter. I’ve been waiting for this EP for ages and I wait to see more!


There is going to be so much comparison between these two siblings and the music they make. All that needs to be said is they are both awesome in their own right. Hopefully they don’t forget the simple premise of what got them here.


So good!


This is so good