Dolly Parton - A Holly Dolly Christmas

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A Holly Dolly Christmas Tracklist:


What she does I buy! No questions asked. If you need a review to buy anything Dolly related - you are not a fan and need to buy it anyway to find out what you have been missing. Have a Holly Dolly Time


Thank you Dolly!


Ew her voice is so cracky. How could any one enjoy this. She talks so much in the songs to its rly strange all of this is just plain trash.

Coy Comer

Dolly never disappoints! This Christmas album is incredible! Gonna be a classic for years to come! I will always love you Dolly! ❤️🎄

dance moms 7312

I love Christmas and Folly and this is a great more like amazing album to check out 🎄🎅🏻🎁


y’all stop making covers of all i want for christmas is you please. the original is better no matter what

Alex is craz123

If Dolly wants me to listen to christmas music in October I will


As Dolly’s third Christmas album in 30 years, she delivers a more upbeat yet heartfelt Christmas sound! Plenty of good duets and heartfelt Christmas spirit songs. Dolly delivers yet another modern day Christmas classic album!


Dolly Parton is a celebrity for a reason and we love her. She sounds good.

EB 👍😃😀

My favorite Christmas album!

Pedro the shorty

Her sounds sounds like kids music now 😢 🤮


I love this so much, Miley’s voice is sooooo goooodddd! Love dolly too! Listen to Rainbowland and stream Midnight Sky

MTNclimber 2014

It’s Dolly! Nuff said!

Robin Hood Reborn

My mom got me to love Dolly Parton (dont worry Dolly, I'm 13!) and I'll never get over her lovely voice...enchanting! I love this album!

si da guy

I love it so much I love it so good way to get my music music and music music is terrible but it’s okay to be okay with it but I love it so much 👀 👅


These are the same songs we've heard and re-heard. I realize everyone has their version, but I like some of these more original versions of these a lot better. I do like country, sometimes, but not this time unfortunately.

Carly oconnor

My first Dolly Parton album that I bought 😀

brhd by b di

Husky. Hand held


The banjo doesn’t do it for me i know she’s a country legend but she shouldn’t have covered all i want for christmas is you it ruined the experience for REAL fans of the original who listen to it every year sorry dolly lose the banjo and maybe i’ll give it a listen


No one has a voice like Dolly. I love all her songs.

Eylie The Wolf

It’s ok. Not bad, not great. 🙂

Jon Seneca

Where is hard candy Christmas?????????????????????????????


Thank you Miss Dolly! A wonderful Christmas Album. We need this Album this Christmas Season. What a wonderful start into the holidays.


This is such a great christmas album. Dolly always knows how to warm the heart with music.


Such fun songs! Great message!


Dolly Parton has really done it again Such a great Album


I love the guest singers that she chose to be on the album. Perfect album and I’ve already started listening to it who cares that it’s October.


In this crazy 2020 I need 2 things guaranteed to cheer me up Dolly and Christmas


This is a great album! Love that she did a new album. The only issue I have is that she didn’t name and sing a Holly Dolly for Holly Jolly lol. Also for the people complaining about new Christmas albums too early, New Christmas music is always released right before the season starts to get it out there. Geeezzz. Calm down and enjoy it.

Matt McMurray

I have been waiting for her to release the song “circle of love” ever since her movie came out years ago!!!


Love her voice .. we need it this year Glad I pre ordered 🎤🎤🎄🎄


Classic music from an absolute legend!


Voice is still amazing. Her version of “Mary, Did You Know?” Is now the definitive version.


All of the duets aside from Willie Nelson were awful. I don’t like the production of this album. But I really enjoy 6 of the tracks


This is an awesome treat dolly knows the meaning for the season and it shines through with every positive note

Altitude Lou

I know it will be great

Caffie colp

This proves that Dolly’s still got it! :)






Dolly’s songs always reflect the true meaning of CHRISTmas! All time favorite...”Mary Did You Know?”


I am so happy to have pre-ordered this beautiful new Christmas album! The last song “Mary did you know” is sung with such deep conviction! I love Jesus, and can feel the love Dolly has also! Thank you so much Dolly!!


Why are we dropping Christmas music in October? I don’t wanna hear this in October 😭


Who’s doing it like Miss Dolly?! No one.


It's August 19th and you're already selling Xmas crap. This is not necessary. Shame on you Apple/iTunes store!


Anything she does is just *chefs kiss*

B Jennings

It doesn’t matter what Dolly sings or does on this album just her energy and her optimism are more than enough and certainly needed these days ... for once this year I’ve found myself thinking about the future and making plans. It’s a nice feeling and all thanks to Dolly




Yes! A country queen🙌🙌 This will be epic!



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