Demi Lovato - Commander In Chief

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Commander In Chief - Single Tracklist:


Vote it’s important! 🇺🇸🏛📮


You have a platform and using it to speak up👍 Don’t listen to to the those negative posting. Never be a afraid to speak up for your believes!


Honestly a great song, many bad reviews by some deniers. I guess truth hurts.


This was awful, if you want to make a song and push your political agenda on people do your research first. Lost the little respect i had for you as an artist, the second your song needs a gimmick you are no longer the artist.


No one cares what the political ruling class and Hollywood elitists think. They have no concept of reality. Trump has done more for this country than the past 3 administrations combined.


I LOVE💕this song, because it is brave❣️ This is your opinion which you have a right to have. Many have strongly expressed theirs negatively. We ALL have a right to have an opinion, only you have used yours positively and creatively! Thank you🙏🏼 Demi❕ Many other artists have created songs to express how they feel in the present “political “ climate; such as Pink (Mr. President), James Brown (Funky President-It’s Really Bad in 1974), Jay-Z, Prince and Indigo Girls to name a few! Maybe it’s the listener that has political issues, and if it bothers you either just don’t listen or maybe you need to check you political disposition. Take a chill pill people, and either enjoy the music and talent and strength that goes behind sharing such a heart felt view. We are all having a difficult time trying to deal with uncertainty one way or another. I hope and pray 🙏🏼 we get through this so we can agree to disagree another day! I VOTED and I’m proud to say I agree with Demi 100%❕God bless💕


Of course they’d have a drug addict further push their agenda. All lies and misinformation please do research people instead of just listening to a RICH, WINEY, puppet.


Not a fan.


Lot of ignorant people out there. Free country, sing whatever you want to sing. Loved this.


She should start practicing what she preaches


I’m proud to support an artist who stands up for what they believe him.


I know you released a song called Confident but you shouldn’t have been confident with this song , it’s a no from me.


Don’t waste your time here; she got paid millions for a political agenda.


I love this song, it is very deep.


We already have a lot of things happening in the world. Why do we need to be reminded of it through music.

Music X 10



She has every right to voice her opinion it’s called freedom of speech so Leave Demi alone she is a great singer! She may have money but she worked for it so stop trashing her please! Demi I am still a fan always will be!


Ridiculous putting politics in music.




I like Demi but this was terrible. It’s super hard to make a political song directed at a president and I think only P!nk has done it right with Dear Mr President. Demi tried too hard on this. It’s just....


Lame song and clearly showing she is not a supporter of our President. Another overpaid entitled celebrity pushing their political agenda. Blind leading the blind.


No one has been better than our current commander and chief. Time for Hollywood join the military and learn what love of country looks like. Just wear your mask in your mansion Demi


Vote like your life depends on it, because it does..

Darthy hunky

A rich millennial trying to sing about injustice. Boring and no credibility.

Sparrow Tail

Hahahhahahahha hahahahhaha Wow Hahaha

A Queen of Kings

Since when is it okay to disrespect a president no matter how much you may not like them?

Say what now

I thought hating on the president wasn’t cool anymore? Demi is so out of touch with reality


Beautifully told truth.


I was hoping to at least get some sweet protest music out of this nightmare. This seems to be one of the only offerings, and while it’s no CCR or Buffalo Springfield, it has heart and weight. I think it carries the heaviness of the pain, anger, and fear that so many are facing fright now.


Another celebrity trying to make there way. Don’t do it with politics honey! No good! Crap song!!!!!!!


Another self entitled spoiled celebrity brat voicing her misinformed anti-Trump rhetoric by attempting to capitalize it into a one hit wonder! Don’t hold your breath expecting a Grammy for this piece of garbage! Would make for good entertainment on SNL though if you sang it with Jake Tapper, Don Lemon and Fredo Chris Cuomo from CNN dressed in drag as your back up singers! You’re certainly no Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Bruce Springsteen when it comes to writing songs about politics! No substance just recycled Trump hate speech!


Haven’t listened to the song, but I know it’s trash.

Evan Morris 1998

Just another puppet of the political left pushing for socialism

A.dizzle 2

This songs is so beautiful so stop hating on beautiful music


Demi is an artist and this is what artists do. They create and react to the world around them. She is singing to express what she is seeing and hearing. Nothing wrong with it! And Trump is lining his pockets ! Just because he might donate his salary- if you’re gullible enough to believe that- doesn’t cancel out the fact he’s making billions $$$ from his political contacts. Listen to the news... oh wait you can’t. Your commander in chief tells you not to. Must drink orange koolaid.

lizard balls

Great song!! You are using your platform to get a message out, good for you. If it was anti Biden they’d love it. Keep doing your thing!!!

BLM !!!

Vote like your life depends on it.




Trump 2020 ! Should have kept politics at the door & your personal attacks to yourself.


You don’t have to like him but he is doing his job and may have been able to do it better if it weren’t for the fact that he constantly has to fight the media and democrats wasting taxpayer money just trying to get him out of office. I only hope America shuts them up!


The Drumpfets don’t even know they’re being conned. Pathetic. Demi, do your thing




Do you have any idea what your ghost writers are even talking about? Stick to bad pop music.


I listen to music as form of entertainment. There’s already enough celebs on social media lecturing the world about politics I don’t want it in music. It’s also ironic that the political lecturing is coming from the most over privileged people in the world.


This girl yell sings and is incredibly toxic, and now she thinks she’s doin something with this political mess. As if she has to worry about anything or has ever cared.


Just another celebrity pushing their views on the world to line her own pockets.


Preaching facts. I love her and everything she stands for. I don’t care about politics she is a great artist

a true gaga fan

She owns her music, pushing people to vote is a good thing. Our leader is a racist, selfish human being who doesn’t care about us people. The song is vulnerable and heart warming. Can’t wait for the album



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